Recap: Supernatural Episode 7.10 – Death’s Door

The THEN was your basic, Leviathans take over, Rise of Dick, Bobby gets plans then gets shot recap. The NOW started with some cool camera work traveling the path the bullet tunneled into Bobby’s head and pulling out to Sam and Dean’s fear saturating the interior of the van. There were a couple of cool camera shots in this one – I liked what Robert Singer did with his angles and focus. Also think it was funny (in an observationally funny way) that ‘Robert Singer’ was the director of this Bobby-centric episode. I was surprised to see it was written by Sera Gamble. She’s not one of my favorites, but maybe this worked for me because it was focused on Bobby and not the boys as much.

The boys are scared, snapping at each other as you do in situations like that. Dean yelling back toward Sam, asking if Bobby’s dead, Sam just telling him to drive as he tries to find out.

Dean: You gotta talk to me, Sam!

Sam: He’s breathing.

Dean tells him to elevate his head and put pressure on the wound. Sam yells back that he doesn’t know 1st aid for a bullet to the head. Dean calls information for the address to the nearest “trauma center” – I thought it was interesting he didn’t say ER – and he floors it, his face tense, focused, determined.

I could relate to their panic, in a way. Not to this particular extreme, but the omg something bad happened to my loved one and I’m helpless feeling. Over the weekend while in Vegas for the marathon, my mother-in-law passed out in the middle of a casino food court. Ended up being from dehydration, but it wasn’t one of those eyes close, go boneless faints. Her eyes were open but vacant and she went a little stiff, then sort of slid out of her chair. We couldn’t tell if she was having a stroke, a seizure, or what. Everyone sprang into action, called 911, laid her down, did what they had to in order to get her conscious and make sure she was okay.

I began shaking the moment I registered something was Not Right. I moved tables out of the way, spoke to the 911 dispatcher, got her water when she was okay again, ordered the casino security dude to get a wheelchair, shaking the entire time. I let those who knew what to do help her, but I couldn’t breathe quite right and it took me a long time to stop shaking. I never anticipated that would be how I’d react in a situation like that. I’ve been in plenty of tense health-related situations with the hubs, and I never shook like that. The one thing I noticed, though, is that I had to know what was happening, reading lips if necessary, but looking for answers. That, and I had to be in action. Even if on the sidelines.

I felt the panic in Dean’s voice when he barked at the 411 operator for the address and when he demanded Sam talk to him. I felt it in the way he held his mouth as he focused on getting to the ER. And I felt the fear in Sam’s stuttered breathing. That’s the kind of stuff this show does to me that makes it clear I’ll never leave it. Doesn’t matter how many episodes like “Time for a Wedding” they churn out. It’s episodes like this one that remind me why I’m on the hook.

We tunnel back into Bobby’s head through the bullet wound and suddenly we’re back in the woods with Bobby and the boys, finding Phil hanging from a tree. Dean and Sam act just like they did the first time they all found Phil, but Bobby knows right away something isn’t right and says as much. Dean’s like, duh, there’s a corpse in a tree.

Bobby: Something bad’s about to happen.

Dean: Danger’s on the W2; that’s why we got the guns.

Bobby sees blood on his hands and touches his head saying that something bad has happened already. They head back to Squatters Paradise and it’s obvious that Bobby’s head is bleeding – sort of.

Bobby: Balls!

Dean: What’s going on with your head?

Bobby: I got shot in it!

Dean’s like, come again? Both tell him that he’s been with them all day; they would’ve noticed him getting shot in the head. Bobby’s like, no not here, in the real world. Sam tells him to sit down, looking worried, but Bobby’s like, no, I have to tell you something, I just can’t get at it. Boys try to reassure him, saying they’re not going anywhere and Bobby says, “No, not you you, the real you. Out there in the waking world.”

I thought it was interesting that he knew he was dreaming. I’ve had a couple of dreams like that – but when I know I’m dreaming, I’m actually watching myself. A participant and an observer. Usually, the dream is the reality for me, so this, for me, just goes to show his level of desperation to fight for life – just to get to ‘his boys.’

He remembers numbers, says he needs paper, and writes down: 454895. Coordinates?  Too short to be a bank account number or a phone number. Too long to be a date. I’m sure there is a lot of speculation out there on the interwebs already. What do you guys think? Puts me slightly in the mind of LOST, but that’s okay. It’s a message that he knew the boys were smart enough to (eventually) figure out. And the writers knew we’d chew on it for a few weeks. *grins*

He puts the paper in his dream pocket and suddenly he’s standing in the doorway of a bedroom holding a glass of wine. There a pretty blonde in a white nightie sitting on a bed, the room illuminated by candlelight.

Bobby: Karen?

Karen: You were expecting Farah Fawcett?

Bobby: No, she always calls first.

He’s awed that this is all “just like it was” and tells his wife she’s beautiful. She wants him to sit so she can talk to him. As he does, he remembers what night this was for them and gets a look of dread on his face. Before he can say anything, though, we hear thunder outside. He says there was no storm the first time around and goes to the window. He can see a cloudless night, a full moon, lots of stars. He looks down and sees a young boy, dirty, disheveled, running toward the house from a shed. As he runs, the sky begins to disappear, just…going dark.

Bobby: I’ve got a messed up fruitcake.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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