Recap: Supernatural, Episode 6.22 – The Man Who Knew Too Much

Okay, I’m going to try to explain these next parts of the Sam dreamscape without totally tangling myself up – and without doing a blow-by-blow because that’s just boring. Sam – our Sam – is searching in the woods and realized that the other Sam – RoboSam – that shot at them back at The Nite Owl is hunting him. RoboSam gets the drop on Sam, disarms him and empties the shotgun.

As he slings insults at Sam for being gawky, RoboSam begins to circle him. Sam looks scared to death. He’s convinced he’s hallucinating, though RoboSam tells him that normally you’re awake when you’re “tripping balls.” So, Sam realizes he’s dreaming. RoboSam is full-on snarky, cold, cleanly cruel – just as we’d seen him at the beginning of the season.

The Sam-on-Sam play here is reminiscent of 2005 Dean vs 2014 Dean in Season 4’s The End.

The big difference for me there was that I liked both versions of Dean. I’ve never liked RoboSam and spent 11 episodes trying to find a glimmer of our Sam in him. RoboSam tells Sam that they’re inside his head – Cas brought down the wall and Sam couldn’t take it. He shattered into pieces. Three of them, to be exact. *pets Sam*

They’re now circling each other. Sam is in a brown coat and RoboSam’s coat looks the same only it’s denim green. The way they hold themselves is different, too – Sam (currently shaking from fear) seems smaller somehow, as if he’s bowed. RoboSam is square-shouldered, confident, and cocky. Sam is staggering, breathing hard, rocked by all this information while RoboSam is cool and seems to find Sam’s shock amusing.

He tells Sam that that they’re not alike. Sam is jello while RoboSam is not handicapped – saddled with a soul.

RoboSam: I used to skipper this meat boat for awhile. It was smooth sailing. I was sharp, strong. Souls are weak. They are a liability. Nothing personal. Someone’s gotta take charge around here, before it’s too late.

What I find interesting is that in the first 11 episodes when RoboSam said he was still Sam, he was right. This…jerk…is part of who Sam – our Sam, the one we love – is. Sam just controls that side of him, uses it to channel himself through the tough times and the situations he doesn’t want to have to think about. He goes on autopilot to kill what he has to kill or bury (or unbury) what he has to bury. He shuts off, in a way, and this is the part of him that is left. I am just thankful that it’s only one part of him because the Sam we had for the second 11 episodes is the only Sam I want to see, to be honest.

Sam takes off running as RoboSam shoots at him, missing. As he’s running, he suddenly finds that the Colt he brought with him is in his hand. He sees a clump of trees down by a river and heads to it. RoboSam is moving slowly, steadily, hunting him like a serial killer in a horror flick – the kind that never actually has to run after the fleeing victims but still manages to catch them. He sees Sam’s brown coat huddled in that clump of trees and fires.

Turns out, Sam tricked him and it was just his coat. Sam steps out from behind a tree and shoots RoboSam in the back. RoboSam falls forward and as he’s dying gasps out, “You think I’m bad, wait until you meet the other one.”

As soon as he’s dead, his…life force or whatever…goes into Sam – who in turn writhes and shakes on the bed in the Panic Room, scaring the bejeezus out of Dean. As soon as Dean touches him, though, he goes still and we’re back in the dreamscape once more. Sam heads up to the car and the Girl is standing there, waiting for him.

Sam: I remember who I am. Everything I did this past year. And I remember you.

We see a memory of RoboSam confronting a red-eyed baddie holding the Girl hostage. RoboSam shoots the Girl in the stomach and tells the baddie, “You just lost your leverage,” before killing the baddie.

I knew then that “the other one” RoboSam referred to was going to be the piece of Sam that remembered Hell. Because those were the only memories he didn’t have now, and I was really not sure how that was going to go. Sam was shaking bad enough confronting his Robo Self.

And now we have further proof that RoboSam pulled no punches with the innocents – just as he and others had said. He was empty and cold and all I can say is that it’s a good thing Sam has the souled part of him to keep him in check. The one thing this leaves me wondering, though, when it comes to the over-arching plot and RoboSam is…why did he come back to get Dean? If he said that family holds you back, and he didn’t care about Dean, why did he pull him out of that life and back into his? I was expecting some kind of a reveal when he got those memories back – some reason this all started with them being reunited. Or maybe something involving Cas in some way since Cas pulled him out. But…maybe I’m just over thinking it all.

The figure of the Girl standing by the car starts to bleed right where RoboSam had shot her.

Girl: Didn’t I tell you to turn back? That you wouldn’t like what you saw?

Sam: I’m so sorry.

Girl: Not as sorry as you’re gonna be.

She fades away, leaving Sam alone. I think this “shattered Sam” approach is clever. I mean, in a way I felt the writers had painted themselves into a corner with this resouled/wall idea. They’d built the Hell memories and the year-without-a-soul memories up to be SO BAD that Sam would be a drooling vegetable if the wall ever came down. Only…they couldn’t keep the wall up because it was just…yeah. It wouldn’t work long-term.

So the wall had to come down and I thought this was a clever way to deal with these horrific memories. It would have been incredibly boring to watch Sam on the cot, sleeping, while Dean fretted at his side. The only glitch is…they left it open with the Hell, burning images, PTSD flashes, so…not sure how they’re going to fix that. But I’ll get there in a bit.

Back in the Panic Room, Dean is drinking and watching Sam. Bobby shows up with Balty – who can’t enter the Panic Room because, he says, they finally got the angel-proofing right.

Balty: How is sleeping beauty? You didn’t steal a kiss, I trust.

*shakes head* Oh, Balthazar, you old scalawag.

Dean: What the hell took you so long?

Balty: Honestly, I was having second thoughts about whether to help you. I was thinking maybe I should rip out your sticky bits instead.

Dean draws back slightly at that – but it’s a good reminder to these guys that they are, in fact, dealing with Very Powerful Beings. Balty decided instead to help them out by giving them the address of where Cas and Crowley are. I only saw the paper for an instant, but I saw that it was someplace in Kansas. Of course. Where all the big bad must go down.

Dean asks him to let them pack up and then zap them there, but Balty says no.

Balty: I’m betraying a friend here. A very powerful friend. We all are. So, I think I’ve stuck my neck out enough already. Good luck.

Dean looks over his shoulder at Sam, dread in his eyes.

Back in Autopsy 101, Cas is sitting rather dejectedly, looking…done. Just…done. Crowley comes in and hands him a Jar O’Blood.

Crowley: Purgatory powershake. Half monster, half virgin.

Cas: Thank you.

Crowley: You seem even more constipated that usual. May we get you some colon blow?

Cas (looks up and his eyes are eerily calm): I’m renegotiating our terms.

Crowley: Is that so?

Cas: You get nothing. Not one soul.

Ooo – a double cross!

Crowley: Can’t help but notice it seems a bit unfairly weighted. (His voice rises) I brought you this deal!

Cas: You think I’m handing all that power to the King of Hell? I’m neither stupid nor wicked.

Crowley (ranting further): Have you forgotten that you’re the bottom in this relationship?

Cas (his voice dead serious): Here are your options: flee or die.

Crowley: We made a pact. Even I don’t break contracts like this.

Cas: Flee. Or. Die.

Crowley: You can’t trust anyone these days.

He flees. Or, rather, goes to his own personal Plan B, his parting words prophetic.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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