Recap: Supernatural S7 Finale, “Survival of the Fittest”

Outside, the boys pull up and – thanks to leftover computer magic from Charlie’s hacks – get into the vid feeds at Sucracorp…only to find out that there are now multiple Dicks. Son of a….

A blue pickup pulls up and Sam – who has the binoculars – sees the housekeeper from the motel get out. Dean’s like…what motel? Fair question, but Sam’s big brain is too busy putting two and two together and coming up with vengeful spirit.

Sam: You’ve got the weapon and eyes on Dick. Plural. I’ll take care of Bobby.

He gets out of the car with Dean reaching for him.

Dean: Sam! Hey!

Sam: Shut up.

He runs after Housekeeper!Bobby and catches up outside of Sucracorp, stopping Bobby. Sam says there are cameras everywhere and Bobby’s going to get the woman killed. Housekeeper!Bobby pushes Sam roughly away. Sam jumps up and tries to talk sense into him, but Housekeeper!Bobby pulls out a big ass knife and takes a swing at Sam. Still trying to get through, Sam grabs the front of the woman’s dress, but Housekeeper!Bobby grabs Sam around the throat and starts to choke the daylights out of him.

Sam’s gasping and saying, “Bobby! Stop!” and then Bobby gets a glimpse of his reflection in the side of the van he’s got Sam pressed against and yells, “NO!” then smokes out of the woman. Sam catches his breath and bends down to scoop up the woman – literally as if she weighed nothing. Color me freakin’ impressed.

Back at the cabin, Sam closes his cell phone and says that the maid is going to be okay and is checking out of the hospital. Cas brings them more sandwiches and Meg (standing off to the side with a beer in her hand, amusingly enough) wants to know why they “turned tail” for some maid.

Dean: Shut up, Meg.

Sam: Dick made more Dicks.

Dean glances back at Sam, but Cas’ nervous movements catch his eye.

Sam: He must have kept a chunk of the original Dick Roman….

Dean (to Cas): Hey, Shifty, what’s your problem?

Cas (distractedly drying a plate): Do we need a cat? Doesn’t this place feel one species short?

Dean looks away, then glances back over his shoulder with this slow blink that just… *is dead*

Dean: You got anything to say on the topic of Dicks? Crowley was pretty sure that you could help.

Cas (anxious): I can’t help. You understand. I can’t. I destroyed (voice breaks) everything. I will destroy everything again. Leave it at that.

Sam is staring at Cas with a look of realization as if he’s just now getting what’s got Cas so cranked up, but Dean has had one blow too many.

Dean: No. No we can’t leave it!

Sam (warning): Dean….

Dean (leaning forward, toward Cas, eyes hot, face tight): We can’t leave it. You let these freakin’ things in. So you don’t get to make a sandwich. You don’t get a damn cat. Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas. Clean up your mess!

I know that from the perspective of Cas, this seems wildly unfair, but from the perspective of Dean, I totally saw where he was coming from. He’s had moment after moment of having to deal with, care for, and accommodate those around him who are ailing or broken or not whole and he’s expected to make allowances and be careful and yet no one made allowances for him when he was less able than now to keep himself together. Before he had the alcohol-laced bandage to keep him on his feet. It was boo-hoo princess and cry-me-a-river and tuck-in-your-skirt-nancy.

I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t snapped louder and earlier. And to more people. No matter how much you love someone, no matter what they mean to you and your life, there’s a limit to how much you can take of their needs over yours. There’s a limit to how long you can consistently be strong and patient without having at least one moment of cracking. Sometimes, you get mad at the person who is ailing. Because they’re still a person – they didn’t become a saint just because they’re now no longer well or whole or sane.

Cas (setting the plate down): Y’know. We should play Twister.

And he’s gone.

Meg: Nice. You scared off the Empire’s only hope.

Um…dude. First of all? The Empire was the bad guys. We’re the Rebel Alliance. Second of all, why she waited until now to drop this nugget of wisdom is beyond me.

Meg: It ever occur to you that every one of those things was “in” Cas? He knows them. He can see past the meatsuit.

Sam: He could spot the real…fake…Dick Roman.

Annnnddd…there’s Cas. Playing Twister. Alone. *laugh softly*

Later, Dean’s watching footage of Dick Roman realizing that it’s useless to look for tells because they’re all technically Dick. Sam’s trying to figure out what the real Dick would be doing.

Bobby (showing up out of the blue and startling them): That the best you can do? Idjits.

Sam (slightly breathless): Bobby. We didn’t know if….

Bobby: Well, you shoulda. You got the flask. Dumb. You should have burned it right off.

20/20 hindsight, Bobby. Same could be said for reaper-avoidance.

Dean: Bobby….

Bobby: I’m still jonesin’ to go back. Grab some poor bastard. Kamikaze him going after Dick. It’s bad.

Dean closes his laptop as the image of Dick is obviously triggering Bobby. He stands up, facing Bobby.

Bobby: Let’s be real. (to Sam) I damn near killed you. And that woman.

Sam: Wasn’t your fault. Not really.

Bobby: Right. That’s just what ghosts turn into. I really bet the farm I could outsmart that.

Well, others have – some for years. Mary Winchester, anyone?

Dean: So…what’s it feel like?

Bobby: What? Going vengeful? An itch you can’t scratch out. (sad, voice tired, shaky) Look. I’m done. Go get Dick. But don’t do it ‘cause you think it’ll scratch an itch. Do it ‘cause it’s the job.

Dean kinda folds in, subtly. He looks away, pressing his lips out, swallowing a ball of emotion.

Bobby: And when it’s your time? Go.

I couldn’t help but think that this might be why the writers brought Bobby back. I mean, it did say a lot about his character – that he didn’t want to leave his boys. That he wanted to help them finish the job. But they had him go vengeful so quickly and all I could think when he said that last line was that he was their lesson on holding on to something for too long. Not just life, but anything. A way of life, maybe. A reason for fighting, perhaps.

Plus, Dean started this obsessive hunt for Dick out of vengeance. And once the Master Plan was revealed and all of humanity was once more at risk, it became about the job. Maybe this is a reminder of the reason they do what they do.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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