Recap: Supernatural, episode 7.22 – There Will Be Blood

The Alpha reveals that he and Roman are on excellent terms and have made lots of plans.

Dean: You sure about that? Did he mention he was going to maui-waui the human population?

Alpha (slight pause): No. He said that grabbing a snack would be easier than ever.

Sam: He said you’d all live together, didn’t he?

Off to the side, Dean is running his tongue along his busted lip, pulling himself together.

Sam: You really believe him? You think your children are dying by accident? There’s pesticide in the formula!

Alpha: Why are you telling me this?

Sam: Because we can stop Dick. We just need your blood for the weapon.

Alpha: So…now you want to prevent the extermination of the vampire race.

Okay, fair point.

Dean: No. But it beats going down with you.

The Alpha looks like he appreciates that honest answer. Just then the door behind the Alpha opens and a young boy comes in.

Dean (aside to Sam): The creep gets creepier.

The boy tells the Alpha that Edgar is there. Dean’s like, we need Borax and knives, but the Alpha tells his minions to put them in the study. The boys are hauled away, protesting loudly while the Alpha is like, “You don’t live through centuries of fire, ice, and continental divide by jumping to conclusions.”

He wants the story first. I like this guy – even though he’s a baddie – and the minute he didn’t try to kill them, I decided I wanted him to stick around.

Edgar shows up and the Alpha plays gracious host for about 2.5 seconds, even having one of his minions bring in a bucket of Champaign, but then Edgar says he knows that Sam and Dean were there because he can smell them. Whoops.

In the study, the boys are trying to get out, but are locked tight. All around are bags and bags of blood and tubing attached to IV needles. Sam says he thinks that Edgar knows why they’re there and is there for the same reason – the Alpha’s blood. He means to kill the Alpha before the boys can get his blood.

Which I found interesting. Because he’s right, but…unless I totally missed it…the boys didn’t know that the Leviathans killed Kevin’s protector angels and took Kevin and his mom, so they wouldn’t have known that the Leviathan’s translated the tablet and knew what could kill them. I could make the leap that they assumed the Leviathan’s already knew their weakness, but if that was the case, then why was Roman so keen on getting that tablet? Either I missed something, or I’m hand waving that.

Moving on.

Dean: Any way you slice it, you’ve got Pacman and True Blood in the same room and that’s bad news.

Sam gives him a look. I chuckled.

Dean: He’s not stupid; why’d he lock us in here?

Sam: We’re his enemy. They’re like…monster cousins or something. Who would you give the benefit of the doubt? (pause, arms out to his sides) Maybe it is poisoning the vamps on accident…maybe they’ll fix it.

Dean’s eyes don’t cease moving the whole time they’re locked in. He’s looking, thinking, processing.

Dean: I think you got the oldest monster on Earth thinking he can hold his own because he always has.

Sam: Edgar’s gonna eat him alive.

Dean grabs the IV bag needle and holds it up to Sam.

Dean: Hey. You think you could pick a lock with this?

Sam rolls his eyes like bitch, please and takes the needle, but then worries because they gave up all their vamptonite. Dean’s like or did we? and pulls up his pant leg to reveal a secret syringe in his boot. Atta boy.

Back in the dining room, Alpha is telling Edgar that he can have the boys, but then reveals why the boys were there in the first place all, that’s not true, right? And Edgar plays it off at first, no of course we don’t want to exterminate you.

The boys are out and sneaking down some stairs when a vamp grabs Sam from behind, teeth bared. Dean whirls around and shoves the syringe in the vamp’s neck, the creature going down as it burns from the inside out. Breathing hard, the boys stare down at it.

Dean: Wow!

Sam (rubbing his neck): Vamptonite.

Dean: Friggin’ vamptonite!

They head for a kitchen to find some knives as they know Edgar will be next.

Meanwhile, Edgar and the Alpha are mentally circling each other like, well, alphas, and the Alpha is slowly wearing Edgar down, getting to the truth about Dick’s plan. He finally comes out and asks, “Where on The List is fixing our plague?”

Edgar’s out of patience and replies, “Nowhere. We want you to burn like the little roaches you are.”

Edgar goes for him, but Alpha pushes him away. Can you say double cross? Shouldn’t have trusted Dick, Alpha. Emily is frozen in terror watching the exchange between her “Daddy” and Edgar. Edgar tells him that the additive not only makes humans completely complacent, but it kills vamps, werewolves, zombies…pretty much everything but Leviathans. He says that mankind is a limited resource.

Alpha: There are 7 billion of them!

Edgar: Only 7?

There’s a tussle.

Alpha (yelling): We come from you!

Edgar: Barely.

Alpha: I am the son of Eve!

Edgar: A pathetic mutt. I knew Eve, and honestly, your mom was a whore.

Oh, no he didn’t! Them’s fightin’ words! The Alpha roars and lunges, teeth bared. He grabs the bucket of Champaign, tossing the bottle aside, and throwing the contents of the bucket at Edgar – Borax. Edgar burns, but doesn’t go down. He turns Big Mouth and then Dean shows up and hits him from behind. Edgar rotates, grabs Dean, but before he can do more than muss the leather jacket, Sam slices off his head with a single slash.

Nicely done, boys.

Dean (a little revved up from barely surviving), says that they’re going to juice this freak. Emily cries out, “No!” and Dean yells at her to get out of the way. The Alpha recovers himself, grabs Dean and throws him across the room saying to leave her alone; she’s been through enough.

Sam: That’s rich, coming from the guy who took her off the swing set.

Dean staggers to his feet, swaying a bit.

Alpha: Do you want to do this or do you want my blood?

As the boys watch, slightly shocked, he cuts his wrist with his wicked sharp, wicked long nails and drains some blood into a glass. He hands it to Sam, who hesitates. Dean shoots him a confused, WTF look, but then Sam says, “What about the little boy?”

Alpha: Are you joking?

Dean (never hesitating to back Sam’s play): Do we look like we’re joking? How many other kids you get here?

Alpha: At the moment, just him.

He stares at Dean. Dean stares back.

Alpha: Emily, help Alan with is coat. He’s leaving with Sam and Dean.

Okay, I have to say, I love that they did that. They brought it back to the ‘saving people’ part of their creed. Saving that little boy made leaving the Alpha alive worth it, and while Dean might’ve initially been a little too rattled from getting roughed up to think of the boy, the moment his brother paused and brought it up, he was right there with him.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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