Recap: Supernatural, episode 7.22 – There Will Be Blood

They walk out and Bobby is left standing in the room, glowering. Sam rounds the corner and runs into a housekeeper’s cart, apologizing before moving on. I will admit, I immediately thought the housekeeper was a Leviathan…or maybe a vamp after Emily. Something. But I didn’t see what happened coming.

Inside the room, Emily is watching TV and Bobby is watching Emily. After a moment, she gets up, checks outside, then wads up the paper with Jodi Mills’ phone number on it and tosses it into the fire. She pulls out a cell phone – oooh, so it turns out she has her own douche tracker – and dials a number, smiling as she says, “Hi, Daddy. I’m sending you a present.”

Bobby: You little schemer.

Yeah…that’s not the word that I was thinking.

Emily leaves the motel room and on the TV a commercial for Sucracorp comes on. Bobby stares at it, any concern he might’ve had for the boys’ safety or them walking into a vamp trap is gone, replaced by hatred for Dick Roman, pure and simple. Gloria – the interviewer who now works for Roman Enterprises – says that the big question on everyone’s mind is, “What makes Dick so hard to beat?”

*groans* OMG, really? That was probably the worst ‘dick’ joke yet. *laugh* And am I just a 14 year old boy inside that I chuckled even though my mind was totally in the gutter?

Outside Vamp Mansion, the boys are sizing up their task and Dean is saying that this time of the day, most of them will be catching Z’s and won’t know what hit them. Sam is quiet.

Dean: You with me?

Sam: Yeah….

Dean: But?

Sam: You sure you want to charge in there, machete’s blazing? Last time it took a dozen hunters to take down the Alpha and most didn’t make it out.

Oh, yeah. I forgot Sam was there when it happened. Or part of him was, at least.

Dean: You got a better idea?

I liked how Sam still seems to be trying to…get his balance. Since Cas ‘healed’ him, I mean. Like he knows what he wants to do but has to find the confidence in himself to share it. And I like that Dean allows him — is patient with him when he counters Dean’s ideas with his, and allows for them rather than bullying forward to get his way.

Well, whether or not it was better is probably debatable, but it was stealthier and gave them a tiny edge on the whole staying alive nonsense. They snuck up to the front door – Dean muttering stupid, stupid, stupid the whole way – and walk cautiously up to the door…surprised to find it open.

Dean: Maybe we’re too late?

Sam starts to go in and suddenly someone grabs him. I totally jumped. Dean yells, “SAM!” and heads in after him, but then a vamp grabs him and hauls him inside. Yipe.

Back at the motel, Bobby is getting more and more worked up listening to Dick’s interview and is trying to break into the safe via the digital pad combination thingy. He tries Sam’s birthday – fail. Dean’s birthday – fail. He tries others and can’t get in and is suddenly Very Angry. A lamp flies across the room. The mirror cracks. Doors slam. The fire in the fireplace surges high. He finally realizes that it’s his birthday (um, duh) – but just then the housekeeper Sam ran into comes into the room, having heard all the commotion.

The room is freezing and Bobby, in apparent desperation, makes himself visible to her saying he needs her help to get free. She tries to run and he lunges for her, reaching, and basically…falls into her. Possessing her. Um, yipe. Again. Through the housekeeper’s voice he says he only needs her for a little while until he gets the bastard, then punches in his birthday and frees his flask, leaving the room.

This made me so sad. I totally followed the natural progression of Bobby’s vengeance, and think it’s flowing very believably, but…well, he’d dodged his reaper to keep an eye on the boys. And somewhere along the way, keeping an eye on the boys turned into finishing the job, and finishing the job turned into “getting the bastard.” And I liked having the storyline possibilities of Bobby being a ghost – I liked the layers it gave to the boys’ situation and how they had to have another level of angst to contend with. Because who doesn’t love angst?

But if things keep progressing this way, the angst is going to kill me dead because they’re going to have to “do something” with Bobby as Sam said and that’s going to break Dean’s heart and sap Sam’s hope and…well, I may cry.

Y’know what I was thinking, though? Since we got Bobby’s ghost and Cas un-Leviathaned, the two of them having been in the same episode at the same time. I wonder if there might be a way for Cas to…reward Bobby. Not return him to life, but take him to Heaven. ‘Course Cas isn’t so much for Heaven right now, and it’s entirely possible that they decide to keep Bobby’s ghost around for next Season to be something the boys have to hunt, which is not the kind of angst I’m hoping for…I’m just…thinking. *sniff*

Anyway, back at Vamp Mansion, the vamps haul Sam and Dean into a big, ornate room with a large wooden dining table, the Alpha Vamp sitting at the head of it. Just then, Emily shows up, moving to stand next to the Alpha.

Dean: Wow. For a girl raised in a basement, you’re a helluvan actress.


Emily: You were going to hurt my Daddy.

Dean (looking down, an ironic smile twisting his lips): You get a trophy on Stockholm Syndrome. I hate to burst your bubble, but…we weren’t. Sam, here, had  better idea.

Sam: We’re here to talk. That’s it.

Alpha (laughing): Now that my guys have taken your blades and syringes of tainted blood, you mean?

Duuuuuude – I forgot how much I liked this guy’s voice. Like a young James Earl Jones.

Dean: Figured you might hold a grudge.

Alpha: Why? Because you captured me, tortured me, sold me to the king of Hell?

Dean: That was more our Grandpa.

Just as I was busy thinking, oh, yeah, I almost forgot about Gramps, the vamp behind Dean comes up, grabs the back of his head and SLAMS Dean face-first into the table. HARD. I think my belly leaped up to my nose. Sam jumps, eyes darting between his brother and the Alpha. Dean gasps and grunts, trying to keep his feet, hands clinging to the table, mouth bleeding. It takes him a moment, but he’s able to pull himself shakily back to his feet.


Dean (wiping blood from his mouth): Thank you. (Raspy voice) That was awesome.

Alpha (wicked long nails flashing a bit): I want to peel your faces off and drink you slowly.


Sam: Just listen. You need us.

Alpha: Oh, yes. I am thirsty.

His voice sounded so very vampish there. I shivered a bit.

Sam (still looking back and forth between the Alpha and Dean, sounding a little desperate): The plague! We know what it is! What do you know about Leviathans?

Alpha (interested): A bit.

Sam: You know they’re poisoning the food supply?


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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