Recap: Supernatural, episode 7.22 – There Will Be Blood

Later, they’re sitting outside of some random house they’ve evidently identified as the Alpha’s North Dakota hideout, but they can’t see inside. Too dark. Bobby’s in the backseat and says he’ll go scout it. Sam starts to protest, but Bobby blinks out before he can.

That confused me a smidge – how could he go that far from the flask? *hand wave*

He returns and tells them that the place is clean, but there’s something they need to see. They head inside and find three vamps stretched out on a large table, dead – but their heads attached. There’s some black, crusty…gunk all around their mouths and down their necks. Gack.

Dean: You know a way to kill vamps with…battery acid?

Aside – I had an immediate flash to Stephen King’s “IT” – this is battery acid, you slime!

Bobby says the only way he knows is to behead them. Sam noticed something wonky about the far wall and the boys start to look for some kind of trigger or switch. Bobby just walks right through. Show off.

Inside is a pink room with a pink bed and a girl of about 19 or 20 dressed in a little girl’s pink nightgown clutching a teddy bear.

The boys find the trigger, open the wall and stare in shock at the girl. They hurriedly put their knives away and tell her they’re fangless and just want to talk. So, outside of the pink room, wrapped in Dean’s leather jacket (*jealous*) and sipping some…tea, or something…the girl – Emily – tells them about how she was taken off of the playground when she was 8 and that she’s one of the Alpha’s “special” girls. Her only food is through IV bags to keep her blood pure because virgins are a delicacy. Sam looks absolutely sick and Dean has to look away, disgust on his face, at this bit of news. For both of them…kids are where the line is drawn. And the fact that his has been happening to this girl for 12 years does a number on both of the guys.

Sam: We’ll get you back to your mother.

Emily: Think she remembers me?

Sam: Of course. Don’t you remember her?

Emily shakes her head and Dean, to get his mind off of what has been her reality, asks her about the dead vamps. She tells them that a week ago, they came back from an easy hunt, but the minute they started feeding, they screamed in pain and died. The one who hadn’t fed, saw what happened and decided to move to animals. He’s out hunting right now. The boys remember that the gas station was lousey with “stoners” and start putting two and two together.

Emily tells them that the Alpha was at his “retreat.” Sam pulls out his cell phone and Emily is like, “What’s that?”

Dean presses his lips out and answers with a totally straight face, “That’s, uh…Sam’s douche tracker. Helps us find the Alpha. All we need is an address.”

HA! Love it.

Well, Emily doesn’t have an address, of course, but she’s willing to try to help remember things to get them there. After they leave, the vamp who was out chasing rabbits comes back and finds Emily’s room open, Emily gone. Edgar shows up and demands to know where the Alpha is. I admit I was slow on the uptake on a few points with this one because I was like, “Oh, so that’s who the ‘old friend’ is.”

The vamp won’t give it up, but Edgar copies him, gets the location from his memory (which I couldn’t hear, but it didn’t really matter), and then kills the vamp – without eating him.

Elsewhere, the boys are walking out of a health food store, Sam carrying a bag of groceries with loose veggies on top – y’know, so we can see that it’s actually health food. Dean is grouchy and hungry. I get the same way, man. Ask anyone who has been around me when I’ve gone more than six hours without food. They’re desperately trying to find some crackers or something.

Dean:  I can’t live on rabbit’s food! I’m a warrior!

Okay, that is officially my new excuse for resisting any diet.

Sam: You’ll be fine.

Dean (grumbling): You don’t know that.

Sam tries to distract him by asking him next steps. Dean’s like, we’re going after a vamp, so we need dead man’s blood…orrrr…..

He sees a rather rotund man sucking on a slushie looking totally out of it.

Dean: We’re swimming in vamp poison!

They walk up to the guy and Sam starts with a cover story about being from the Red Cross – flashing his FBI badge – and the guy is just staring at him. Sam realizes he’s not getting anything and Dean’s like, dude, just do it. He sits down next to the guy.

Dean: Give us your arm; we need your blood.

The guy obediently lifts his arm. Dean pulls out a syringe and hands it to Sam saying that everyone around them was hopped up on brown acid. He puts his arm around the dude and Sam puts the bag of groceries down and sits on his other side. Their Plymouth is parked behind them, Emily waiting inside. Sam takes the syringe and sticks the needle in the guy’s hand, drawing out the blood.

Guy (very little inflection): Ow. That hurts. This is for hurricane Katrina, you said?

Dean (giving him a tolerant smile): Yes. Yes I did.

He eye-shrugs at Sam and they start talking over the guy as if he’s not even there.

Sam: When we get there, Bobby’s gonna have to hang back. Do you disagree?

Dean: He ain’t gonna like it. He helped us in getting Emily.

Sam: Hey, I’m Team Bobby, too, but there’s a reason we left him in the car with Emily. The more action he gets, the more chance he gets to…spin out.

I feel for both of them in this. Sam really is ‘Team Bobby’ – he doesn’t want him to go vengeful – but he’s also working overtime to face reality. Dean, though he’s staring reality in the face, doesn’t want to look. It’s like he feels obligated to speak on Bobby’s behalf. Defend him, even though it’s half-heartedly.

Dean: We’ll keep him off the front lines and he can just…keep calm and carry on.

Show of hands – how many of you joined me in saying, “…my wayward son”? Maybe I’ve spent a little too much time on Pinterest. Also? I hope they keep up the tradition and open with that song next week. *crosses fingers*

Sam caps the syringe as a cop car rolls by behind them, its siren bwopping. But, they needn’t have worried – the cop was eating a donut and jamming out to “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Later, at night in the car, Emily is trying to help them find the Alpha.  She tells them they’d leave at night and get to the retreat before dawn, taking back roads, and she heard loud bells. Via process of elimination and with a little help from Sam’s “douche tracker” they figure out that she was near a monastery, as monks get up at 4am to pray.

Dean: Can’t get laid, can’t sleep in…. So, the Alpha’s camping next to a (looks sidelong at Sam with a cheeky grin) Monk-ee house.

Sam = unamused.

Dean pouts. *laugh*

They figure out that there’s only one monastery within the radius Emily’s memories gave them and it’s in Missoula, Montana. So that’s what the cloned vamp had said. Also? With Missoula my mind immediately went to fly fishing and A River Runs Through It. Okay, okay, so I’ve seen too many movies. >_>

With Emily’s help, they find the gigantic mansion-like house where the Alpha was, then decide to take Emily some place safe before “circling back and ginsu-ing these leeches.” At the motel, Emily is watching TV and Dean is packing his duffel. He comes around the edge of the bed and hands Sam a syringe.

Dean: Here we go. 10 cc’s of vamptonite.

Sam = A Look

Dean: It’s a thing.


Emily pipes up: What’s a Kardashian?

Dean: Oh, uh…just another bloodsucker.

Sam grins, but Emily looks terrified, so Dean back peddles, saying it was a joke. I tell you, that Emily had me totally snowed. I bought her act hook, line, and sinker. Sam gives her Jodi Mills’ number and says if they’re not back by dawn, to call her for help. Dean puts the flask in the room’s wall safe for Bobby’s own good.

Emily says thank you and the boys go to leave, but the door is yanked out of Dean’s hand and slammed shut. Emily looks startled and Dean gives her a semi-reassuring smile, saying it was just the wind. Under his breath, he mutters, “Chill out, Bobby. We’ll be back soon.”


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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