Recap: Supernatural – Episode 7.21, Reading is Fundamental

The female angel — Hester – is floored to see him alive. She comes toward him slowly, saying with confusion and hurt that he smote thousands in Heaven, made a big, scary speech, then he was gone.

Hester: What the hell was that?!

Cas: Rude, for one thing.

Sam has gone from nervous to terrified…and looks a little sick. Kevin is on the bed, holding the tablets and rocking a bit.

Cas starts in with the same line he gave Dean, about knowing they want answers, but he doesn’t give them any either. It’s as if he can’t. As if he’s constructed his own wall and he can be coherent up to a certain point and then he falters, shifting instead to the wonder of the simplicity in the universe, like flowers. He tells Hester that there are many things he can offer them – like perspective. Then he tries the “pull my finger” thing – but Hester is just staring at him and he’s swiftly losing his mental footing and in that moment my heart broke a little for him. *rubs it*

Hester: You’re insane.

Just then, Dean barks from outside the doorway in that awesome, commanding voice that compels all within earshot to pay attention, “Hey! Heads up, Sunshine!”

He puts his hand on the angel banishing sigil (probably cutting his arm yet again to get the blood for it) and the room is filled with a bright flash.

Dean (heading into the room): Okay, all angels have gone back to their corners. We’ve got like…three, four hours tops.

Sam (to Meg about the angel sword): Where did you get that?

Meg: A lot of angels died this year—

Kevin (totally freaking out): WHAT’S HAPPENING?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?

Dean (looking at Kevin with the ultimate blank look): What’s that?

Sam: It’s, uh…Kevin Tran. He’s uh…in advanced placement.


So, Kevin gets the low-down about Leviathans being real. Angels as well, but here’s where I thought the dialog was a smidge odd. Sam says angels are real, but have no wings and Dean says they’re “junkless.” Which, we know they have wings – we’ve seen Cas’ shadow wings and Raphael’s lightning wings, and the black wings that spread out when an angel is killed. And why would Dean bother taking Cas to a whore house if they’re “junkless”? Plus, they possess human vessels. I just thought that was an odd choice for addition to the dialog. Unless they’re being metaphorical. *shrug*

Dean: So, Kevin. You can read the chicken scratch on the God rock, huh? Says there’s a higher punch (?) Dick recipe on there?

Kevin: I don’t know what you’re saying (HA! *laugh*), but it seems like an ‘in case of emergency’ note. What did they mean by prophet?

Dean (groaning): Oh, no. Really?

Sam: Yeah, that’s what the angels said.

Kevin: I don’t want to be a prophet.

Dean: No. You don’t.

Meg brings up the very thing I was wondering – namely the fact that they only had like 3 to 4 hours to get away. She ends up coming with them due to the safety in numbers logic that always manages to work. Oh, wait….

They decide once more to head to Rufus’ cabin where Kevin can do his book report. On the way there, they gas up and get supplies at an Al’s Mini Mart. Kevin’s sleeping in the car, Sam is inside and hears a news report that Kevin is actually missing, and Meg heads outside only to notice two demon truckers eyeing them. She mutters a curse and heads their way.

Sam meets up with Dean at the car, tells him about the news report and Dean’s like, great, we’re kidnappers. Meg shows up and says, “Not if we shut up about it.” We’re left wondering (for a brief time) what she did with the truckers.

Kevin wakes up in the dark car and is all FML, but then Meg’s cell phone rings and she says it’s Cas. Dean’s on instant alert, demanding to know where he is. Meg snaps at Dean, but soothes Cas. Says he’s in Perth (Dean’s like, Australia?!) surrounded by unhappy dogs…then she realizes that he’s at a racetrack and tells him that they’re unhappy because the rabbit isn’t real.

She tells Cas that they’re on Highway 94 just outside of St. Cloud, MN and Whoosh! Cas is instantly in the backseat between Meg and Kevin…scaring the bejeezus out of Kevin. Meg introduces them and Cas pokes Kevin’s nose like he’s five, then turns to Meg to worriedly inquire if she’s hurt. Meg tells him to shut up, but her tone is soft. Hmmm. Interesting, that.

Cas leans forward to the front seat to tell the boys that Hester took over the garrison, then leans back to fill in some blanks for Kevin.

Cas: We were assigned to watch over the Earth. Wars, sex, repetition. Got very boring. I was their Captain.

Sam: Why are they mad now?

Cas (ignoring Sam and talking to Meg):  Those racing dogs are miserable. They can only think in ovals—

Dean (snapping): Cas! Don’t make me pull this car over. Why are the angels after us?

Cas (confused): Are you angry? Why are you angry?

See? Childlike.

Dean (forcing himself to calm down lest Cas bug out again): No, I’m…please. Can we just stay on target?

Cas says that they’re following protocol. If the Word of God is revealed, a keeper of the Word will awaken. He pokes Kevin’s nose again. Kevin’s like, please stop doing that. Cas puts his hands in his lap. He says the keeper is taken to the desert to learn the Word away from man.

Dean: How does that help? He has to read it so we can use it.

Cas: That’s God and his shiney red apples.

Interesting statement. Maybe Cas hasn’t lost all his emotions. He may have sounded unaffected, but those words are bitter words.

Kevin: I can’t live in the desert!

Dean says that they need the tablet to end Dick Roman and Cas tells him that they’ll have to duck Hester and her garrison. Sam asks, almost hesitantly, if Cas is in their corner and Cas says he doesn’t fight anymore. He watches the bees.

And after everything he’s been through and caused – from being part of Lucifer’s rising, to discovering God wasn’t in Heaven, to losing friends, to rebelling and teaming up with the King of Hell, to releasing the Leviathans, to massacring his brothers in Heaven…yeah, I think it’s probably time for him to sit this one out. He needs to for his sake. And I don’t blame him.

But, Dean looks over at Sam with a ain’t that just GREAT expression. He doesn’t want Cas to sit it out. He wants Cas to fight, to help them fix this mess. Seems like Dean can’t get anything to work the way he wants it to lately. Bobby was given a hunter’s funeral, but dodged his Reaper and so he’s still around and not at peace. Cas is back, more-or-less, but is now a pacifist, not the soldier Dean needs him to be. Makes me frustrated for him, just thinking about it from his perspective.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.


Gaelicspirit is a storyteller. She is a recent addition to Whedonverse Network, but has been writing and posting recap/reviews of Supernatural on LiveJournal since 2007. She works as a freelance writer and consultant in the real world, and is ever-connected to the six-degrees of Joss Whedon.

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