Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.19, Of Grave Importance

Unfortunately, they’re already too late for the Cheesy Twins. Annie saw them, but couldn’t do anything. Dexter’s ghost rushed at them, telling them they shouldn’t have come there. Van Hess’ ghost stopped Dexter and the Cheesy Twins actually utter a terrified thanks…just before Van Hess shoves his ghost hands through their chests and kills them, then turns to Dexter, saying that he told him there would be consequences if he tried to warn anyone else away. Dexter is all, you have enough, they’re just kids…y’know, the stuff good guys say. Van Hess is having none of it and shoves his hand into Dexter, turning him into a ball of light and…absorbing him. Or something.

After he’s gone, Annie stands over the bodies of the dead boys, trying to figure out a way to get their camera. Victoria shows up, but says she can’t help. She breaks it down for us – how Van Hess actually killed everyone in that house and uses them for his food or entertainment. That he “drained” Dexter and now Dexter is just…gone. She tells Annie that she was a “fancy lady” when this house was a brothel and Van Hess slit her throat (though her ghost!throat is unmarked).

Annie wants to know where he keeps the bodies, but Victoria doesn’t know. Annie convinces her to grab the camera, but then Van Hess returns and they skedaddle out of there. Annie, ever the hunter, pauses to watch Van Hess drag the bodies away and we see him pull a candle holder down to reveal a secret panel behind a bookshelf where he drags the Cheesy Twins in what is, presumably, where all the bodies are hidden. Ewww. Smelly room.

The boys are outside the house in the Primer Gray Mobile, gearing up with rock salt shotguns.

Dean: We combed the crap out of this place. If Annie’s in there and we didn’t find her—

Sam: It’s ‘cause someone didn’t want us to.

Dean: Awesome. Well, let’s walk right into that.


The boys (and Bobby) head inside. Just inside the entrance, Bobby manages to sneak his flask from Dean’s pocket and hide it in a nearby drawer, saying he’s leaving the pack. Sam heads upstairs. Dean calls out to Annie and just as he does, the video camera slides across the floor to his feet.

Dean: That’s not odd.

Dean calls Sam to come back downstairs.

Dean: Annie? (pause, quieter voice) Slimer?


They watch the video the Cheesy Twins made and see Annie’s ghost image on it, determining she is in the house, just not in a good way. Dean calls out to Annie again and Bobby, standing off to the side with Annie and Victoria says, “Give ‘em a minute. They’ve gotten slower since I left.”

Annie convinces Victoria to show herself to the boys because they can help free her. She flashes visible and the boys are like Whoa! They bring their shotguns up to point at her and she raises her hands to stop them, telling them her name and says she was a “fancy lady” at the house. Takes Dean all of one heartbeat to realize she meant hooker and anther heartbeat to wipe the half-grin from his face.

She tells them that Annie is there, but they can’t see her. They look down and Dean steps back.

Victoria: You’re not standing on her.

Annie’s like, tell them already, but Victoria, playing the Oda Mae Brown role in this scene, basically says she has to do it her own way. I couldn’t help but whisper, Molly, you in danger, girl, to myself when Victoria says that Annie is in terrible danger from Van Hess. Hee.

Dean: He’s dead, you’re dead…define ‘terrible danger’.

She tells the boys about Van Hess’ power and that he was the real bad guy killing everyone, and that they can help free all the ghosts trapped there…but of course Van Hess has been listening (as have countless other ghosts roaming aimlessly around the house) and before Victoria is able to tell them how they can free them, she bursts into flames and disappears.

Dean: I’m gonna say she was telling the truth considering she just got ghost killed.

Van Hess is in the room – unseen by the boys – and slips a key into Sam’s pocket as they leave to go salt and burn his bones. Bobby stays behind with Annie, thanks to the hidden flask, and they look on in despair as they watch Van Hess sitting in the back seat of the Primer Gray Mobile when the boys pull away.


Bobby’s kicking himself, of course, because he thought that Van Hess couldn’t leave the house either and now he’s not with the boys, but Annie’s like, well, the only thing we can do is our job, so let’s finish this. Bobby’s not happy, but goes along. They search the house, finally finding the Van Hess’ room. Annie tells Bobby the house had also once been a Speak Easy in addition to a brothel, so they start looking for hidden panels. Bobby is able to get zen once more and pulls down the candlestick thingy, opening the panel behind the bookshelf and revealing the Room O’ Corpses.


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