Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.19, Of Grave Importance

They move over to talk to her and she introduces herself as Victoria and says she knows what kind of work Annie did.

Annie: I’m still doing it. Other dimensionally speaking.

Bobby: Atta girl.

Annie pieces together that Victoria is the voice on her phone – spectral voice transference. Oookay, if that’s what the kids are calling it these days. Victoria is the reason Annie’s there in the first place. She asks Victoria what she meant by “Free me” but before Victoria can answer, Bobby flashes out because Dean (and the flask) got too far away.

In the car, Dean is drinking from the flask and despite Bobby saying that the party was back at the house, the decide to check out the Historical Society, which is where most of Annie’s research came from. Once there, they get the lowdown on the Van Hess House from the Society…curator, or whatever he is. Bobby’s off to the side trying to get zen and make a lantern move.

The curator guy tells them about Whittaker (I think?) Van Hess, the son of the man who built the house. The younger Van Hess was dogged by tragedy – he lost the family fortune, and the house. The house was turned into a brothel at one point (which earned a smirk from Dean) and Van Hess lived in isolation at the house until his death.

Bobby’s like, he’s still there.

They see a picture of Van Hess next to Dexter and the curator guy tells them that Dexter was a convict, very violent, but that Van Hess took pity on him and had him working as a grounds keeper. Dexter apparently killed Van Hess’ fiance the day before their wedding.

Bobby’s like, yeah, he’s still there, too.

The curator tells the boys that Annie was there earlier and he’ll tell them what he told her: stay away. The house is dangerous. They’re basically like, yeah, thanks, we’ll keep that in mind. Not.

Back at the motel, Bobby’s trying to move a quarter and Sam’s reading from a newspaper, his voice raised so that Dean can hear him. Dean is taking a shower – with the door to the bathroom open so he can still talk to Sam. Hee. Sam tells him that Dexter also killed some of the hookers from the brothel, but before they could hang him, he escaped and was found shot to death back at the house. Sam’s like, why would he run back to the house?

Dean calls back, “Add that to the list of things I don’t know.”

Bobby’s standing in front of the mirror giving himself an awesome psych-up speech: I can kill werewolves, fix a pinto, and bake cornbread. I will be damned if I can’t get zen….

That’s about when the story kinda telegraphed itself to me. You all probably got it long before I did, but when Sam talked about how Dexter died, I realized that Dexter wasn’t the bad guy – and he wasn’t killing the people he rushed toward in his ghost state, he was warning them. But…those thoughts were summarily banished in the next moment as Dean peeked out from behind the shower curtain and reached for a towel.

I cannot explain why the sight of his bare arm and shoulder did a number on me, but I bet you my No Chick Flicks Moment coffee mug that I wasn’t the only one. The best part? The shallowness doesn’t end there. Oh, no. There’s more.

But first, we cut away to go back to the Van Hess House and two teenage boys making a vid about the last known place their friends (the two teens from the beginning of the episode) had been. I will call these two the Cheesy Twins because their running commentary on this home movie thingy was just…well, cheesy.

Back at the motel, Dean is out of the shower wearing a snug-fitting green T-shirt (holy crap) and rubbing his wet hair (Holy. Crap.). Seriously, folks, I can no more be objective and focus on the storyline with that on my screen than I can survive a week without water.

He glances up at the steam-covered mirror (while I try to focus on something other than how well that T-shirt fits him), then he does a double take, angling his body toward the doorway and calling for Sam. Dean doesn’t take his eyes from the mirror, and when Sam appears in the doorway, he goes, “Tell me you wrote that.”

We then get to see the mirror and written on it are the words Annie trapped in house.

Sam: No. No, I didn’t.

Dean, looking angry, bellows, “Who’s there?!”

They watch in part horror, part fascination as the hot water faucet turns on and steam rises, fogging up the mirror once more. Then, slowly, Bobby’s name appears.

Dean (his voice breaking): Bobby?

Bobby (relieved): Yes.

Dean (in rapid speak, looking around the bathroom, at the mirror, over at Sam): This whole time…this whole time we were trying to talk ourselves out of it he’s been…what’s he doing here?

Sam is looking out into the motel room and suddenly picks up Bobby’s flask, handing it to Dean with a, “Dude!”

Bobby’s like, “We don’t have time for this! Get back to the house!”

Dean: We gotta get back to that house, STAT.

That’s the second time Dean’s words have echoed Bobby’s, even though he can’t hear him. I liked that.


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