Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.14, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

Sam starts to question Ticket Guy who is so cheery and enthusiastic about helping he made my teeth hurt. Meanwhile, Libby’s kid – Tyler – catches another kid cheating at skeeball and tells him to stop. The other kid just looks at him (Tyler’s kinda scrawny and little…looks about 5 or 6) and keeps doing his thing until Dean shows up and using a Big Voice says, “You heard him! Knock it off!”

The other kid scrambles away (and Dean might want to make sure his picture doesn’t end up on the wall) and Dean and Tyler mutter at the same time, “Jackass.” Cute. *grins*

Libby calls Tyler for his lunch and while Tyler goes to sit down, Dean nabs the cheater’s tickets. HA! He hears Tyler complaining to his mom and when Libby walks away, Dean goes over to talk to him.

Dean (kinda soft): Why don’t you cut her some slack?

Tyler: What do you care?

Dean: I’ve been where you are.

Tyler: Your mom made you come to Plucky’s after school?

Dean: No…but my Dad hauled me places. ‘Sides, she’s working a tough gig. You should take pity on the old. (*laughs*) And hey, free grub!

Tyler: That pizza tastes like butt.

Dean: It can’t be that bad….

He picks up the slice and takes a bite. It’s that bad. He spits it back out on the plate, much to Tyler’s delight. Then Dean sees what Tyler is drawing on the placemat (the one that will go up on the wall).

Dean: Scared of robots?

Tyler (in a duh tone of voice): They have laser eyes.

The Ticket Guy comes out of the interview and is all cheery to a kiddo, so Dean texts Sam a ‘no’ on him. The guy dressed up as a Lion is next. Sam tries the “why’d you do it” approach and the Lion flips out, clumsily opening the back door and high-tailing it out of there. Sam yells for Dean had gives chase. Dean runs after him, but Sam is held up by a clown innocently stepping into his path. They chase the Lion outside and Dean pulls off his costume’s tail (hee!) before tackling him into a bunch of tires in a stunt dive that looked like it had to have hurt somebody.

The Lion starts rattling off that the meth lab wasn’t him, it was his brother, but they have the same fingerprints…Dean asks him if he’s making kids nightmares come true and killing people and the Lion is all, um, no, I don’t think so.

Dean: We don’t care that you broke bad or whatever, but there’s something seriously weird going on here.

The Lion guesses he means down in the subbasement and tells him that he and Saul heard some weird stuff coming from there.

Lion: You ever ‘shroom in a ball pit? (Laughing…slowly sobering as the boys are Not Amused) Not that I would. It was Saul. Just Saul.

But they heard some spooky stuff through the vents coming up from the boiler room. As the boys bring the Lion guy back inside, they see Libby and Tyler leaving and Tyler’s complaining that his placemat is gone. Libby is tired and at the end of her rope and snaps that he can draw another one. Tyler and Dean meet eyes and Tyler relents, telling his mom he’s sorry. She melts a bit, cupping his face and saying thank you before they leave.

Dean starts adding things up and tells Sam that Libby was being snappish to Tyler earlier when Sam was playing bad cop. He thinks bitchy mom + sad kid + placemat with something nuts on it = whacky corpse. Sam says he’ll go tell Libby just in case – telling Dean to check out the boiler room. He pauses and asks Dean what was on Tyler’s placemat and Dean tells him about the giant robot with laser eyes.

Sam: At least I’ll see it coming.


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