Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.14, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

Dean shows Sam the body and Sam’s all, “That’s a shark bite.”

Dean: Judging from the radius, I’d say it was a 20 footer.

Sam = blank stare


Dean: Shark week, man! How do you not watch that?!

I have a friend who is terrified of sharks and she watches shark week every time. It’s crazy.

They go inside and find another missing picture – but this kid wasn’t connected to Saul…so the theory of it going after ‘bad parents’ is shot. Dean’s like, “We’re looking for something that can literally fire off childhood fears at will.”

Sam gets out his EMF and says to look around. Dean gets out his EMF and starts grumbling, “Seriously. Dractopus. Seabiscuit the Impaler. What’s next?”

Libby shows up with her kid the next morning and is apologizing to him that he has to be there, but needs him to please behave himself. It’s obvious she’s a single parent doing the best she can with little money – else why would she be working there. But the kid is young and disgruntled, so I immediately thought – it’s him!

/conclusion jumping.

As he gets out of the car he leaves behind a picture in a notebook of a giant robot with laser beams for eyes destroying a city. Whoops.

In another NOW moment, Sam is still getting his ass handed to him by the two freaky clowns.

At 04:34:08 early, the boys are in the motel researching, fruitlessly.

Sam: Tulpa?

Dean: The killings are too spread out.

Sam: Angels?

Dean: Too imaginative for the God squad.

Aside – isn’t this the first time they’ve actually mentioned angels since Cas died? I mean, aside from Sam mentioning Cas’ death to Dean…they haven’t actually talked about angels, have they? I found that interesting.

Dean is tapped out, but they realize that while they don’t know what it is, they know where it is. So, Sam comes up with the idea to go back in and play bad cop (since the employees already know he’s a Fed {sorta}) and lean on them a bit, then Dean can follow and see what the fall-out is.

I saw a bunch of potential red flags on this – splitting up, facing down things by themselves…especially with Sam’s fear painted out for us. But I think that was because we saw him getting beat up by clowns in the NOW moments, and not because there was really any other direction they could go while trying to plan their approach. So, Sam goes in all Dirty Harry while Dean hangs out in Plucky’s, acting normal.

Dean: Yeah. Guy in his 30’s hanging out at Plucky’s alone. That’s normal.

Hee. He’s got a point. Poor guy.

So, Sam suits up and shows up to Plucky’s acting all big and bad and growly. He interviews the manager first while Dean hangs out looking a bit mopey, until some kid walks by with a giant slinky and he lights up like it’s Christmas morning. He goes over to the Ticket Guy and wants to buy a slinky, but the Ticket Guy says that it’s 1000 tickets – and they only take tickets, not money. Which, I tell you what, that’s the BIGGEST scam in the history of ever. Do you know how much money you spend on those blasted games just to get enough tickets to get the ‘thing’ your kiddo wants because the ‘thing’ is an insane number of tickets?

My girl has left sans ‘thing’ more than once. Hmmm…maybe I ought to start watching out for that fisherman statue to come after me…. At least she always gets a balloon. Balloons make everything better.

The Ticket Guy tells Dean that it’s double ticket Tuesday if he plays skeeball. So, Sam ‘bad cops’ the manager (and basically the only thing we find out is that Sam was a lot scarier when he was soulless…and the manager had to write an essay to get the position and she was picked out of a handful of others who competed for the job) and Dean plays skeeball until the manager comes out for a smoke. He tells Sam she’s not their baddie.


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