Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.14, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

Sam repeats Dean’s words to himself as he hangs up, looking like he’s near tears. Later, outside of Plucky’s, Sam is in the car, staring at himself in the rear-view mirror, saying he’s too old for this. As he enters, an uber-cheery man greets him with, “Welcome to Plucky’s, where all your dreams are good.”

Um, already creeped out.

Sam asks for the manager, trying to not look directly at any one of the 100 clowns all over the place. He heads inside and sees an employee named Libby trying to get her son to “stay sane for 3 more hours” and puts his homework in front of him. The kid complains that he can’t concentrate there, but Libby just breathes through the knee-jerk frustrated response and walks away. Sam watches the kid and his face softens a bit.

Then he turns to a wall where kid’s art is hanging and sees that it’s all “draw your worst fear and Plucky will make it disappear.” Okay, creeped out more. The manager – a young girl with long, dark hair – comes up and says that it’s the owner’s idea. He wanted a “safe” way to help kids with their fears because a “pop psychologist” said that if the fears are allowed to run wild they will affect the kids well into adulthood.

A clown skitters by and Sam pulls in on himself to avoid any accidental contact, saying he’s heard that. Hee.

So, the manager says she does remember Billy – the kid wanted to stay at a birthday party, but the Dad made him leave before cake and ice cream, pulling a “full-frontal douche bag” and starts screaming, really embarrassing the kid. Sam calls Dean, but before he can connect, the janitor psssts him and says he wants to tell him something but to come back after hours.

Sam heads back to the randomly decorated hotel room where Dean is setting out Chinese food for them.

Dean: What’s the low down in trauma town?

Sam gives him a very funny look which Dean answers with a it was a little funny look of his own. Sam says that the dead guys won’t win parent of the year and tells him about Kelly and Billy and the art on the wall, showing him some of the kid’s pics, but saying Kelly and Billy’s were missing – just the names were there. Dean shows Sam the drawing Billy made for him when he went to talk to him – it’s of a unicorn with rainbows coming out of its butt stabbing a man with its horn.

Sam: So, now unicorns are evil?

Dean: Yeah. Obviously.


They are at a loss as to how any of this is happening, though, so they head back to Plucky’s after hours. Before they get there, though, the manager tells Saul the janitor that some kid puked in the ball pit and before he leaves, he has to give it a full sanitation. I hate those ball pits for that reason. You can’t see what’s in there and even thought they claim “sanitation”…how can you be sure, right? I always tell my girl that it’s broken or something. She’s only been in one one time…and I don’t think she liked it very much. Thank goodness. I know, I know. My friends call me a helicopter mom. I can’t help it!

Moving on.

Saul’s in the pit using the big sweeper thing when we see some balls moving around behind him. Suddenly he’s bit on the leg and he reaches down and sees blood. After that, it’s a total Jaws reenactment with motion in the balls and him being pulled down, clawing his way up, then pulled down once more before splat – blood everywhere. Gack.

Boys show up to see the EMTs and cops around. Sam goes to talk to the manager and Dean peeks under the bloody sheet of the body, wincing and pulling back, dropping the sheet before Sam gets there. Sam tells him the manager found his body in the ball pit and there was blood everywhere.

Dean: Cops have a theory?

Sam: Yeah, they think the ball washer did it.

Dean: The what?

Sam: Ball washer.

Dean (barely suppressing a grin): The what?

Sam: Ball wa—

He stops and tosses his hands up in an I give up motion while Dean lets his grin spread across his face. Okay, that made me laugh a bit. I swear the guy is like a 14 year old kid sometimes. I love it. *grins*


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