Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.14, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

It just occurred to me in this moment that they were driving separate cars – Sam in the Jeep, Dean in the mustard yellow car. I thought that was interesting. I wonder when/where they picked up the other one. And why. Other than convenience.

Anyway, Sam comes up to Kelly who is drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. He tries to talk to her, but she says her mom won’t like it because of what she told the police men. Sam asks what she told them and Kelly says that she tried to warn her dad that the monster was going to get him. The mom comes out and calls Kelly inside away from Sam (which I would have done, too) and Sam looks down to see that the picture Kelly had been drawing was of a giant monster octopus with shark jaggedy teeth. Yipe.

Next thing we know, it’s night and some guy is in his jammies and a robe hauling ass across some open field, running from what looks like a white horse. He manages to get over the wall for the Wichita state champs, leaning against it, thinking he’s safe when suddenly he’s stabbed through the chest by a horn. Yes, a horn. He falls to the ground, dead, and we look back through the hole to see a unicorn standing there with a blood-covered horn. The unicorn rears up, then turns and runs off, rainbows coming out of its butt. No, I’m not kidding. I guess once we’ve had faeries, unicorns are the next logical step. *wink*

Plus, the rainbows was an awesome touch, I have to say. When was it that Dean commented about rainbows and unicorns? Sometime in Season 2, I think.

Then it’s NOW again and Sam is fighting the clowns. He’s whispering to himself, “If it bleeds, you can kill it,” and then he shoots one of the clowns…only glittery confetti poofs out of the clown’s body and all that evil-looking thing does is laugh. The clown’s laugh can only be described as maniacal at this point and Sam looks full-on freaked out as the clowns proceed to beat the hell out of him.

Poor Sam.

36:36:06 earlier and Dean’s at the site where the dude got impaled by the unicorn trying to figure out what the hell happened. He’s talking to a cop about the evidence in front of them and all they can come up with is “something big” stabbed through the guy. Dean’s guessing a lance. He goes over to where the wife is waiting by the ambulance and finds out that the man took his 8 year old son, Billy, to Plucky’s the day before for a birthday party.

Oh, by the way, Dean is apparently Agent Jones, FBI, and Sam is still Agent Johnson. Or did I hear Dean wrong?

Dean calls Sam back at the hotel and asks him if he remembers Plucky Pennywhistles and Sam totally freezes up. In fact, I think he goes a little pale. His answer is too rushed as he says that no, no he doesn’t. Dean’s like, “Really? I swore you loved those places.”

Sam: No. I hated them. You would dump me and go trolling for chicks.

He says they were lame, smelled like puke, and the ice cream was grainy.

Dean: Don’t have one of your episodes. I got a dead end with the witch’s gone wild theory.

The ‘episodes’ comment was what had me thinking that Dean’s taking for granted that Sam’s got his hallucinations under control. Of course, it could just be a brother comment – take a pill, don’t get your panties in a bunch, that sort of thing. But ‘having an episode’ is also kinda true with Sam. I’m not all omg he can’t say that or anything…just makes me worried about when things do go south – ‘cause they will – how Dean will beat himself up for not seeing it sooner.

Dean says Sam should check out Plucky’s and Sam has a minor freak out (alone in the hotel room – Dean only hears his voice get a little shaky) and says he could just wait for Dean to get back. Dean says he’s on his way to talk to Billy. Sam offers to talk to Billy instead, his voice totally giving away his complete and utter reluctance to go to that place alone.

Dean: This isn’t about your clown thing, is it?

Sam (too adamant): What? No!

Dean: Sammy….

Sam: No.

Dean: What in the world did they do to you?

Sam is blinking and trying to steady his breath and looks about five years old. Poor guy! Also, total aside, what the heck was up with that hotel room? Any of you think it looked like the basement of a retired strip club owner? Weirdest décor yet.

Dean: Sam. 99.9% of all clowns can’t hurt you. And, if it bleeds, you can kill it.

*rubs heart* So, we know where Sam’s mantra from the “NOW” moments comes from. His brother.

I liked this because Dean wasn’t coddling him and swooping in for the rescue, he wasn’t teasing him and telling him that his fears were unfounded, he was giving him tools and grounding to work through it. Maybe because he’s his big brother, maybe because Dean’s been there with the fears that are paralyzing to him and seem irrational to others. Who knows, but Dean does what he can from afar and trusts Sam – as Sam as insisted he do – to handle himself.


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