Recap: Supernatural, Episode 7.14, “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

We start with a NOW that has Sam running with a semi-terrified look on his face, skidding behind a car and hiding while whispering to himself, “They can’t hurt you. If it bleeds you can kill it.” Again, put me in the mind of Yellow Fever and Dean’s terrified flight from the tiny pooch.

Sam peers over the edge of the car and suddenly a freaky-assed clown is there. And it’s not just a clown that looks freaky ‘cause it’s a clown. It looks…demonic. Even if you don’t have a thing about clowns you have to admit that one was scary. So, Sam high-tails it across an empty lot and barricades himself into a darkened garage – like a workshop garage, not one attached to a house.

Suddenly, the clown chasing him uses it’s incredible clown strength and moves the barricade away, entering the garage and behind Sam another even freakier clown (this one with red eyes…yeah…I told you) shows up. *gulp*

The splash card is an array of clown-like colors mixed into the ooze with the letters of Supernatural reflecting those colors. They were going to have fun with Sam’s phobia, I could tell. Poor Sam. *laughs helplessly*

So, then we get this interesting time ticker that says 60:00:00 earlier. That was too much math for me, but I am thinking it was basically a little over two days prior based on all that we see transpired. Hey, I became a writer so I wouldn’t have to do math. Sue me.

A payphone rings. Sam’s leaning against a late ’80’s model Jeep Cherokee and there’s a mustard yellow ‘70’s muscle car-looking thing nearby. I didn’t get a good look at it. Dean goes to answer the phone and is visibly skeeved out by having to touch it. I have to say, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen a payphone. They don’t have any around here – maybe in Kansas City, but I can’t say that I’ve actually looked.

It’s obviously cold – Dean’s fingers are red. He’s talking to Frank and rolls his eyes, muttering, “I am the eggman,” into the phone, causing Sam to grin adorably. Ah, so Frank is a Beatle’s fan, eh? Nice. Dean complains that he’s getting the clap off of the phone just by touching it and asks for some intel on Dick Roman. All he finds out, apparently, is that Fred Savage has joined the ranks of the Big Mouths. Aww. I always liked Fred Savage. Especially as the sick grandson in The Princess Bride.

Dean hangs up and makes his way out of the phone booth, wiping his hand on his jacket (‘cause that’s a sure-fire way to get rid of germs). It’s funny to me that Dean’s such a germ phobe about the phone booth. I don’t know why…just seems like an interesting quirk to his bad-ass personality.

He goes up to Sam and says that the protocol du jour is “creeping his cheese” (*laugh* what?).

Sam: So we’ve got dick on Dick?

Dean (a beat): That’s a vivid way of putting it.

The Amazons are gone, and with nothing on Dick Roman, Sam tells him he found something in Wichita, KS. Dean lays down ground rules: no babies, no booze, no bars, no hot chicks of any kind. Sam’s like, did you just say…?

Dean: You spawn a monster baby and see how quickly you want to dive back into the pool.

Love it. Love that they bridged the end of the last one into this one by addressing the fact that the “wonder women” were truly in the wind and having Dean address his ‘monster baby’ without blame placed on Sam. Sam’s grin at his brother in the phone booth showed that he wasn’t worried about it, either, so that meant (for me) that Dean never blamed Sam and Sam had found somewhere to put his frustration of how Dean was (or was not) handling his grief — for the moment, anyway. I like the way that was handled.

And! I don’t think I saw Dean take one drink the entire episode. So he definitely took a break from drinking (not that I think that ends anything, just that I think he took a break). All good things in my book. However, Kansas? Really not a great place for them. Every time they come back this way things go very, very bad.

Suited up at the Wichita morgue, they are inspecting the body of a guy who looks like he got hit by the worst case of hickies in the history of ever. Turns out, the hickies are actually sucker marks from an octopus. A Giant Pacific Octopus, to be exact. Which, as you might guess, are rare in Kansas. And yet, here they are.


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