Recap: Supernatural Episode 6.14 – Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

At the Jr. College, the boys are suited up and exploring the science lab. Dean begins to dismantle the mannequin, so to speak. He pulls the heart out and hands it to Sam like a 14 year old boy on a field trip. You get the sense that the mannequin is watching them…and its expressionless, muscled face doesn’t look happy. Hey, no one likes to have their heart toyed with, right?

Dean: Be my Valentine?

Sam is like, we’re working, dude.

Dean: Aw, Sam. Have a heart. (Hee) Buzzkill.

Dean asks Sam if he smells sulfur and Sam’s like, uh, duh. Science lab.

Just then Dean’s cell rings; it’s Lisa. He lets it go to voicemail. Sam tells him to just talk to her and Dean’s all, thanks Dr. Laura, oh, look, we’re out of time! Just then the EMF gauge that Sam is holding goes berserk. Dean sees a camera positioned in the top corner of the ceiling. Lucky for them, Big Brother is watching.

So, they somehow get access to the security camera room. Probably because they’re so awesome. They’re watching the Janitor do his Janitor stuff, he gets to the science lab, the cameras fuzz and then…dead Janitor. Hmmmm.

Next thing we know, Dean’s sitting in the Impala and his phone beeps that he has a voicemail. He pockets the phone when Sam climbs behind the wheel. Sam tells him that he talked to the “mop jockey’s” girlfriend who told him that he was a nice guy with a spotless record who went to church and watched Glee.

Dean: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Dean, meanwhile, found out that there had been no accidents in the lab of any suspicious nature. Ever. So, they had a big steaming pile of nothing.

But, three towns away, a night Security Guard is checking out a place that looks like a clothing factory with those anatomically ambiguous mannequins with no face stacked and standing in various places around the quiet, dark room. He hears a noise, calls out hello, gets no answer, then grins and says, “Johnny? That you?”

As he turns around, he sees one of the faceless mannequins just standing there. He turns the other direction and there’s another one. And then his forehead splits open — just like the Janitor’s. As he reaches up to wipe at the blood…the mannequin’s head turns. (I was more creeped out by the eyes, thus no squealing.) He tries to get away, but the mannequins surround him and then stab him to death with what looks like one of those poles they prop mannequins up on.

The camera pulls out and the Guard is dead on the floor with a bunch of mannequin arms and legs strewn all around him. It kinda reminded me of this episode of M.A.S.H. I saw once where Hawkeye had a dream kinda like that–he was adrift in a boat with mannequin body parts floating all around him. I was too young for that show and it scarred me. *shudders*


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