Recap: Supernatural Episode 6.14 – Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

The THENs showed us that Lisa would be in this episode—going into these spoiler-free I didn’t know anything beyond what last week’s previews said, so my stomach was clenched a bit in anticipation of what this might mean for Dean.

We go to NOW and I think even Edward heard my heart crack wide open. Dean is on his knees, bent over an unconscious Sam. I couldn’t tell if Sam was breathing or not. It’s where we left them last week. Dean’s voice catches and trembles with heart-wrenching emotion as he calls Sam’s name, and presses his hand to his brother’s neck to feel for a pulse. He calls him, “Sammy,” and his lips move around words he doesn’t have enough air for as he looks around the room, desperate, searching.

He’s gasping, tears choking him as he says, “C’mon, dammit!” He has no idea what to do. None. He just needs Sam to come back to him. It’s one of those moments where I stopped breathing because his fear and pain was so great.

And then Sam comes back to him. He drags in a huge gasp of air, opening his eyes and looking around, bewildered and frightened. Dean’s like “oh, thank God,” and grabs Sam up—not in a hug, but pulling him up off the floor saying, “Let’s get you the hell out of here.”

The whole scene…just…GUH. Dean’s fear, the sound of him losing his brother…sitting in the room with Sam’s body…looking as if it could be it…I just…they better not do that to him. No matter what happens in the next eight episodes, they better not take Sam away from him. Not like that. I WILL put out a bad vibe if that happens. *crosses arms*

Next scene is at Great Falls Jr. College in Patterson, NJ. A Janitor is mopping the floor of a science lab near an anatomical mannequin (with all of the musculature and organs visible). The Janitor moves past the mannequin and…the eyes freakin’ MOVED. Okay, I know, I’m a total girl about this but ya’ll, that creeped me out. I think my mini-squeal was highly amusing to Terry.

And Edward.

Next thing you know, the Janitor sees blood dripping on the floor and we see his forehead being sliced open. As he’s busy going “What the…” about his bleeding head, the mannequin gets off its hook thingy. The lights go out, we see a tray of scalpels on the floor, the mannequin looks…animated-ish…and voila. Dead Janitor.

Back with our boys, they’re outside…somewhere. It sounds like they’re near water — I thought I heard seagulls. Would make sense since they were in Rhode Island. Anyway, Dean’s at a food truck and Sammy his rubbing his head trying to overcome what looks like the worst migraine since his Death Visions. *pets him*

Dean comes back, asks him how he is. Sam’s like, sucky. Dean says it’s a good thing he’s a doctor. He’s got coffee, grub and pain pills (at least, I’m guessing that’s what they were).

Sam: What are they?

Dean: Effective.

Sam declines and opts instead for mainlining caffeine. Which is also effective. Kinda wonder how long Dean’s had those pills, though. And if he uses them or if he got them just for Sam.


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