Recap: Supernatural Episode 7.07 – The Mentalists

Back at Mel’s, Dean puts her inside a salt ring. I have to admit, pretty much until the end, I sorta/kinda suspected that Mel was the person controlling the ghosts. Yes, even though she watched her friend get killed. There are ways of explaining all that stuff. But I’m really glad she wasn’t. I liked her. Which is also why I suspected her. *laugh*

Dean’s standing in the circle with Mel. She’s holding the andiron and she asks him if it hurts when they burn the ghost’s bones.

Dean (pauses, frowns): I never really thought about it. Probably, yeah.

Mel: Good.

Dean gives her a small, almost proud, definitely appreciative smile. Elsewhere, Sam breaks into a Las Mas class, gun raised, run by the woman who pegged them as those Winchesters at the beginning of all of this. Looking sheepish, he hurriedly backs out, then calls Dean declaring, “It’s the pawn shop guy! He goose-chased me to a pregnant yoga class!”

The next several minutes ratchet up the tension as they cut from Sam back to Dean. I dug it. Dean stays with Mel inside the salt ring. With Dean on the phone, Mel gasps. Dean turns, and the ghost is At. The. Window.

I don’t know why that was so creepy, man, but it was. I hunkered down a bit in my couch. I know. I’m easy.

Sam goes to the pawn shop and it’s closed, of course. He digs out Jimmy’s business card and finds the address, hunting down his apartment. He breaks in and the apartment is a total cluttered mess. Sam finds a human skull set on an altar. And suddenly there’s a gun at the base of his skull as Jimmy busts him.

Jimmy: Hi. Agent. Put the skill down.

In one of those bad-ass displays of skill these guys show off every so often, Sam disarms Jimmy and tries to tell him that this is enough. Back at Mel’s, the ghost blasts the windows open and breaks the salt line. Dean says something about that move that I didn’t catch, but I figured he’s now fallen victim to it twice, it must have been something about seeing that one coming. Margaret shows up and slams Dean back and away.

Back at Jimmy’s, he’s busy telling Sam that he’s the same as Margaret. They’re the real thing. But sometimes, the real thing isn’t pretty or entertaining enough.

Dean shoots Margaret, and she vanishes, but reappears and slams him back, hard.

Jimmy tells Sam, “When I show people what I’m capable of, it scares them.”

Mel lays down a new salt line and Margaret shows up. Dean struggles upright and hurries to Mel, telling her to get behind him.

Jimmy is still talking to Sam, obviously trying to talk him into distraction, saying that Margaret was happy to kill for him.

This was what I wondered if Dean carried away with him at the end – the fact that the older sister had the real power but lacked younger sister’s charisma…then became bitter and a killer because she was seen as full of crap and was never recognized for her true skills, always just as the one who took care of Kate. I wonder if he saw what could be, not what was, and took that to heart.

Because he’s not Mags. No matter what the subtle similarities are.

Sam: You’re sick.

Jimmy: Y’know what else I am? A real psychic, you dick bag.

He…uses the Force, or whatever real psychics do…and yanks the gun out of Sam’s hand.

Margaret breaks the floor, which breaks the salt line. Dean keeps trying to dispel her, but she keeps slamming him back, trying to get at Mel.

Sam is trying to talk Jimmy out of keeping this up, but to stop him, he has to shoot him. His face crumbles a bit at that, looking sick. He didn’t want to kill Jimmy. But he couldn’t allow him to keep killing people. And he had to save his brother’s life. *sad*

Dean is getting his butt kicked by Mags. One really good hit and he’s out.

Sam finds her bones in a bag on Jimmy’s bed.

Mags comes for Mel while Dean is down for the count. Starts to choke her as Dean fights to come around.

Sam burns the bones and Mags disappears in flames.

Whew. Seriously.


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