Recap: Supernatural Episode 7.07 – The Mentalists

As they head outside, Sam holding the necklace, Dean says, “He went a little ‘Mentalist’ on you, didn’t he?”

Sam ignores the opening that Dean provides him and grumbles that the “Orb” was made in Taiwan, so no cursed object and they head for the Charger (I’m just going with that for now until someone corrects me) knowing that whoever is killing mediums is still running amuck.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Lily Dale, Nikoli the Spoon Bender is practicing. He has a drawer full of cutlery spread out before him on a coffee tab le. He picks up a fork and bends it – with his hands. Suddenly, all of the knives, forks, and spoons stand up on end. Freaky. As Nikoli stands, trying to back away, a force levitates him, hovering him over the silverware, then drops him down on top of it, skewering him. Blech. Very, very blech.

Sometime later, the boys are at the crime scene, staring at the bloody table and left behind silverware.

Dean: Probably should have bent those with the power of his mind.

Ignoring him (there’s a lot of that in this episode), Sam walks off to talk to the sheriff, since he’d apparently talked with him before. He introduces Dean as “Agent Bourne.” Yeah, I could see Dean as a Jason Bourne. *likes it* He asks the sheriff if he has any idea what happened.

The sheriff, looking at Sam like, are you slow? says that Nikoli got a chest full of cutlery and reveals that he has a tip line full of clairvoyants who all say that it was a ghost or an ogre who only goes after Russians.

Dean: Policing Lily Dale sounds fun.

Sheriff: Either this or L.A.

Dean gives him a yeah, you’ve got me there nod as Sam brings the focus back around to the facts, his voice clipped as if he’s clenching his back teeth in an effort not to bite his brother’s head off. Sheriff says that Nikoli apparently had a vision of his own death. Just then, Dean’s phone rings – it’s Melanie Golden wanting to know if Dean meant what he said when he told her he had an open mind.

So, the boys head over to Mel’s and she’s telling them that she had a voicemail from her Grandma – before she died. She just never checks her landline and so didn’t get it until now. Turns out Grandma had a vision of her death, too. The day she died. She tells them what the message says and Sam picks up on the fact that the room got cold.

He gives Dean a knowing look and it’s the first time he’s acted…normal…around Dean the whole episode. It’s as if he’s caught up in the discovery of the fact that it’s a ghost and they know what to do about it for a moment and forgets that he’s supposed to be Very Angry at his brother. Dean tells Mel that it’s a ghost killing people. The real deal. Mel’s like c’mon, you’re not serious. Dean just looks at her.

And Oh. My. God. That look. The way he just steadily holds her eyes with an I couldn’t be more serious expression. My tummy kinda flipped over with that expression. /random I heart Dean rant

Dean: See, there’s fake “woo-woo” crap, and there’s real “woo-woo” crap.

Mel: So, ghosts?

Dean: Trust me, there’s a lot weirder stuff out there.

Mel: So the X-files is real, or you just stopped talking like FBI Agents.

Sam: We’re…not FBI Agents.

Mel: I need a drink.

Dean: I support that

HA! Even with Sam’s irritated glance, that was funny. This is the second episode in a row where we don’t see Dean drink, but it’s talked about. So, like with the fact that he must have stopped by to pick up his clothes, we may be left to assume that he does still drink…we just don’t see every moment of every day. Which would be okay – if they plan on doing something about it eventually to balance out why they paid so much attention to it in the previous episodes…because it’s not all about Amy. It can’t be. *stomps foot*


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