Recap: Supernatural Episode 7.07 – The Mentalists

Just then a woman walking by their table stops dead, thinks they’re the Winchesters, and reaches for her phone. Hurriedly they tell her the whole ‘we get that a lot’ speech and remind her that the actual Winchesters were ‘put down like the dogs they are.’ The woman is reassured and laughs apologetically, saying she could see by their ‘energy’ that they are gentle (ha!), but it did have me wondering if they got that when they were apart…and also a little sad that the name ‘Winchester’ was now synonymous with ‘serial killer.’

A rugged-looking Russian man named Nikoli (also pictured on the Lily Dale Psychic Festival sign) comes over, IDs them as FBI and gives Sam his card, offering his help with the case (as he and the woman both admit to being ‘broken up’ by the tragic events). Nikoli, it turns out, is a World Famous Spoon Bender.

Guess he didn’t get the memo that there is no spoon.

Dean has his WTF look down as he regards Nikoli, watching as the Russian guides the woman away from their table. As they leave, he makes a joke that Sam either totally ignores or totally misses as he opens the case file. Sighing a slightly put-out sigh, Dean shifts into investigator mode and listens as Sam talks him through what’s in the files. The first medium, an Imelda Graven, was “brained” by her own crystal ball – which Dean declares is ironic. Hee.

They both zero in on the fact that both mediums were wearing the same necklace and think it could be a cursed object. As they decide what to do next, Sam picks up his spoon to stir his coffee…and it bends. In his hand. Sam looks pissed. Dean just looks.

They head to the 2nd medium’s next of kin: her granddaughter Melanie. As they arrive, Mel’s saying goodbye to a friend (who, it turns out, is another psychic named Camille Tribideaux). She invites them inside and says she knows they’re here about her grandmother. She apparently just got back from “working the circuit.” Dean comments that she doesn’t seem psychic – no crystals, no pyramids. She says she’s off the clock. Also, she’s not psychic.

Mel: It’s an honest living.

Dean: Interesting definition of honest.

Gaelic: Interesting that someone who has to lie to do his job would crack down on that.

Mel: I honestly read people through body language.

She gives them an example by ‘reading’ them: long-time partners, but there’s lots of tension. Sam = pissed, Dean = stressed. Yep. That sounds about right.

Apparently Mel and her grandma didn’t really get along because Mel didn’t believe in “that stuff.” Dean tells her that he’s got an open mind, but Sam breaks in (evidently having heard enough) and asks her about the necklace. She tells them that everything her grandma used in her show went to “the emporium,” which is apparently just a fancy name for “pawn shop of magic stuff.”

They head to the pawn shop and ask about the necklace (prompting some sarcastic comments from Jimmy The Owner).

Jimmy: Did you know that this is the Orb of Thesilie?

Dean: We did not know.

Hee. I don’t know why, but his tone made me chuckle.

Jimmy tries to sell it to them, but they play the FBI card and thank him for cooperating. Sam reaches for the necklace and Jimmy grabs his hand. Sam looks pissed. If he were a cat, he would have hissed.

Jimmy ignores Sam’s glare and says that he gives private readings. “Loss weighs on you. You’re angry. It’s complicated.”

He gives Sam his card and tells him to come see him. Card: Jimmy Tomorrow, no future too grim. I would have cackled had the card spelled grim with two m’s…wouldn’t put that poke past the writers.

Dean watches this exchange, and as Sam pockets the card he looks down with a sad, suppressed smile.


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