Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to let you know how we protect your private information, and what options you have to opt-out of being contacted.

I. Data We Collect
Unless you register as a member of the site, does not keep any persistent data cookies or other tracking information. Our Web provider, as other hosts, keeps a log of accesses and IP addresses. However, this data is used only for generating monthly usage reports, error checking and link management. We do not use or share such information in a personally identifying way.

II. Use of Personal Data
If personal information is provided as part of registration, Whedonverse Network will not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose any such information of any user, without advanced explicit permission, unless otherwise ordered by law.

III. Opt-in and Opt-Out
At the time of registration for membership, new users must disclose an active email address, in order to provide a means to contact them regarding their membership. This address may also be added to a group email list for communicating with all members regarding announcements from the Website. At any time, members have the options to remove themselves from further contact, either by selecting the appropriate unsubscribe feature (if provided), contacting the administration or having their membership canceled.

IV. Deletion of data
Apart from site data stored for archival purposes, we will have no access to personal information from users who have asked to be deleted. Any postings made on this site may remain, however; and we will honor requests to remove such postings, on a case-by-case basis.