Supernatural Gets Put on Hold

Ben Edlund

Supernatural writer Ben Edlund, a Whedonverse fave

Last week the Internet got smokin’ hot when the fans of The CW’s Smallville and Supernatural got the boot by CW executives in favor of network darling, Vampire Diaries.  Because Vampire Diaries and Nikita reruns had not fared well against Fox powerhouse American Idol on Wednesday January 26th, the network suits panicked.  If a rerun did so poorly (operative word being rerun), maybe their Thursday night mid-season premier lineup would do badly as well.  Showing little regard for all the promotional dollars spent to hype the much-anticipated returns of Smallville – in its final season – and Supernatural on Friday January 28th, the network dumped those two in favor of repeating their Thursday night line-up, angering fans who had been waiting nearly two months for the return of their shows.

Now those fans are fighting back by urging all Smallville and Supernatural followers to tune in and watch the mid-season finale reruns of both shows on Wednesday February 2nd, hoping for a terrific showing against American Idol, then to tune in again for their mid-season premiers on Friday February 4th.  While its a little late in the game for The CW to show either of these shows some respect, fans are eager to demonstrate their support for all the actors, writers, producers and crew who have worked so hard to bring these series to the air.  Ten terrific seasons are ending for Smallville this year, but hopefully with fan-support, Supernatural will continue on.  Mutant Enemy alum Ben Edlund and Brett Matthews both write for Supernatural, with Edlund taking on the dual role of Executive Producer.

In Supernatural season six, new showrunner Sera Gamble has taken the show back to its monster roots by introducing the concept of Alphas, the beginnings of all the creatures Sam and Dean have hunted their entire lives.  But if you’re expecting a repeat of season one, then you’re doomed to disappointment.  Instead of retreading old ground, Gamble and Edlund have driven the show into new territory, creating monsters and lore that are more dangerous and threatening while continuing the character-driven arcs for both Sam and Dean.

In season six Ben Edlund penned the return of popular angel Castiel (Misha Collins) in the season’s third episode, “The Third Man,” and introduced fairies to the Supernatural world in the hilarious “Clap Your Hands If You Believe.”  Next look for Edlund to rock your world in the meta episode, “The French Mistake,” set to air on Friday February 25th.  What is a “meta” episode?  It’s one that is self-referential, making fun of or referencing one’s own self.  Supernatural has done very successful meta episodes before: season four’s “The Monster at the End of this Book” and season five’s “The Real Ghostbusters.”  In “The French Mistake,” Sam and Dean step into an alternate world where they’re actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles playing Sam and Dean Winchester on a little show called Supernatural.  Confusing?  You’ll just have to mark your calendar and watch!

Brett Matthews is new to the writing staff of Supernatural this year.  He was Joss Whedon’s assistant through Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and wrote “Hearts of Gold” for Firefly.  He’s also written two screenplays and co-wrote the comic miniseries “Those Left Behind” with Joss Whedon.  The miniseries bridged the gap between the TV series, Firefly, and its feature film follow up, Serenity.  Not a bad mentor to have, huh?  This season Matthews started his Supernatural career on fire with “Live Free or Twihard,” an episode that playfully mocked the world-wide fascination for all things Twilight.  He followed up that dark story by penning “Caged Heat” with Jenny Klein, an episode that saw the return of Meg, fan-favorite demon and thorn in the guys’ sides since season one.  Next up for Matthews is the ominously entitled, “And Then There Were None,” with a tentative airdate of Friday March 4th.  Sounds like “None” may reveal some interesting secrets in Gamble’s self-described noir season, doesn’t it?

Lots of wonderful things coming up for Supernatural for the remainder of this season!

Don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday February 2nd to watch Smallville and Supernatural, and again on Friday February 4th for the mid-season premiers of both shows.  Then make plans to do your weekend partying on Saturday nights!  Keep your Fridays safe for the continuing exploits of Clark Kent at 8PM and Sam and Dean Winchester at 9PM.

Remember to check back for the wonderful recaps by gaelicspirit, posted every Saturday after each new Supernatural episode airs.


Kristen, a freelance writer, has been a part of the Whedonverse Network since 2004 and Managing Editor since 2008.She has contributed news items as well as feature pieces reporting on and exploring the wide, wide world of Whedon and beyond.

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Kristen, a freelance writer, has been a part of the Whedonverse Network since 2004 and Managing Editor since 2008. She has contributed news items as well as feature pieces reporting on and exploring the wide, wide world of Whedon and beyond.


  1. Don’t forget, everyone, to use the hashtag #SupportSPNandSMV

  2. I have a SPN support channel on YouTube with 799 subscriber at the moment.
    I’ve posted all articles, comment Line and e-mail on my channel AND on every 6×12 promo & sneak description too!

    Example Promo 1:

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    I’ll do & support everything… just let me know :)

  3. Thanks so much, Nisha! Its so good to have Supernatural fans taking positive action in making their feelings known. The CW may reap some of the benefit of our support because that’s where Supernatural airs. But our efforts are for the cast, crew, producers and writers of SPN.

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