Whedon smash puny box office! Avengers breaks records with $200M opening

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers has done the impossible: in its opening weekend, the film not only bypassed its estimated box office numbers of $135-$150 million, it blew past them, knocking out the $169 million record set by last year’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In doing so, it’s become the first movie to break the $200 million opening weekend mark. So far the the worldwide box office is at $640 million.

To put those numbers in perspective: in its first three days, The Avengers has already made more than its predecessors— last year’s Captain America: The First Avenger ($177 million) and Thor ($181 million) as well as  2008’s The Incredible Hulk ($135 million)— in their entire theatrical run! It’s also expected that within the week, it will have bypassed both Iron Man ($318 million) and Iron Man 2 ($312.4 million) as well.

The big numbers and love for the film are not exactly a shocker considering the built-in Marvel and Joss Whedon fan bases, plus the anticipation leading up to the movie. For about four years,  we have been getting introduced to the Avenger’s characters and given tantalizing “stinger” scenes after the credits of their movies. Those of you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, certainly saw many of your friends posting that they were going to see The Avengers during its first weekend. Some have now seen it two and three times. It should thus come as no surprise that Marvel and Disney are fast tracking a Black Widow prequel with Scarlett Johansson, and contemplating yet another run at the Hulk.

And what does this mean for Joss? He’ll now have his pick of projects, and clout to get things done like he wants. It’s a good time to be a Whedonite!

(with additional reporting by Simon Fleischmann)

Maria Santos

Virgo and vegan making the world safe for democracy.
Freelance photographer.

Maria Santos

Virgo and vegan making the world safe for democracy. Freelance photographer.

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