Joss Whedon Tackles Another New Project

Will Whedon fans have another new project to look forward to?  Apparently yes!  Though we’ve yet to see Cabin in the Woods, Avengers, or the just-wrapped Whedon-inspired take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing,  apparently Joss isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet as he announced another film in the works.

Joss and his wife, Kai Cole, have increased their clout by forming what they describe as a “micro-studio” called Bellwether Pictures.   Never heard of a micro-studio.  Maybe that mean’s he’s only got a “micro” amount of power and clout, huh?  Sounds like Joss’ sense of humor!  Their first venture was Much Ado About Nothing, and their second outing will be a supernatural romance called In Your Eyes.

According to Deadline Hollywood, in addition to forming Bellwether, Joss will partner with Night & Day Pictures, helmed by Michael Roiff, to produce the film. “When I wrote In Your Eyes, I didn’t have the wherewithal (or the moxie) to make it without an established production house,” says Whedon.  “I believe … it’s a pretty timeless romance, and now, with the creation of Bellwether Pictures … I have the opportunity to prove it.”

In Your Eyes is described as a “metaphysical” romance.  In other words, a romance that transcends reality or perception.  Sounds a bit reminiscent of the epic romance of Buffy and Angel, doesn’t it?  Maybe that love story was Joss’ way of seeing his vision on screen while he could, never knowing whether he would get the chance with his original screenplay.  If that was the case, I’m glad we didn’t get In Your Eyes before now, because I wouldn’t have missed the tragic tale of Buffy and Angel for anything.  It will be interesting to see whether there are any similarities when Eyes is released.

After directing Serenity, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, The Avengers and the just announced Much Ado About Nothing, Whedon has turned over directing duties for In Your Eyes to Brin Hill (Learning to Fly, The Ecology of Love).  Though no cast has been announced as yet, filming is scheduled to begin in February.  Would it surprise anyone to see Amy Acker or Alexis Denisof in the film?  One can only hope!


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  1. As an addendum, Cabin in the Woods is scheduled for release Friday, April 13, 2012. We’ll hope to have more info on it as the date gets closer.

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