Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes Alive and Kicking

Long ago, it seems, rumors abounded regarding a supernatural romance being helmed by Joss Whedon.  Then, nothing.  No word, no rumors.  Just a lot of talk about some silly Buffy the Vampire Slayer theater reboot.  Imagine that.  However, now there is solid news that the romance is still alive, and Abigail Spencer is at the forefront.

Whedon’s In Your Eyes is a romance about two people who are supernaturally destined for love despite their being polar opposites.  The epic romance of Buffy and Angel, also polar opposites, may have been an early nod to an idea that seems to have festered in Joss’ mind for a very long time.  Now it appears he is ready to tackle the project head on with his recently formed micro-studio, Bellwether Pictures, and his partner Kai Cole.  Like his most recent Much Ado About Nothing, which enjoyed a swift twelve day shoot in October, Joss plans on doing an equally quick turnaround with In Your Eyes

Abigail Spencer, who starred in AMC’s acclaimed Mad Men as Suzanne Farrell, mistress of Don Draper, is in talks to star in the Whedon project. Since her stint on Mad Men, she has starred in other higher-profile fare such as TNT’s Hawthorne, Cowboys and Aliens and the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful.

We look forward to seeing Much Ado About Nothing and In Your Eyes on the web or in a theater soon.


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