Joss Whedon gets knee surgery, skips Comic-Con

Two days ago, Joss Whedon appeared at the premiere for Guardian of the Galaxy in London leaning on a walking stick. Yesterday, he let it slip that he’d had knee surgery and was going to have to skip out on attending Comic-Con altogether. He tweeted: “SAN DIEGO!!! ARE YOU READY TO PAAAAARRTAY?!?!?!?! Then don’t have knee surgery.”

An hour later he posted that, “Tomorrow Marvel will dazzle with stars galore and mega mondo movie magic MADNESS!!!! Also, I will be live tweeting my soup. #parsnip.” Then this morning,  a picture in bed, reading a comic, captioned, “My “comiccon” is WAY BETTER than your “real” one.” He had his left leg in a Sammons Preston “Game Ready Straight Knee Accelerated Recovery System.” (Which sounds like something appropriate to super heroes.)

He’d been expected at the huge Marvel Studios Hall H panel on Saturday, as well as a NerdHQ ‘Conversations for Cause’ event and Dark Horse signing. While neither of latter have confirmed, one can assume these have been cancelled.

Addendum: At the Marvel Studios panel Saturday, Kevin Feige revealed that Whedon had surgery a week earlier, in London, and that only afterwards had his doctor told him he couldn’t fly. He was continuing his recuperation there. On Sunday, he did a video interview for NerdHQ in lieu of appearing in person.

Joss Way Better Comiccon

My “comiccon” is WAY BETTER than your “real” one


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