James Marsters Captivates Wizard World Tulsa Audience

James Marsters regaled Wizard World Tulsa attendees with stories from his time on Joss Whedon productions and other projects, including his appearance as Captain John Hart on Torchwood.

Marsters described how in order to understand the role of Spike for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he had to get comfortable with the idea of killing people, which he found difficult to wrap his head around. He finally figured out that the emotion to project was “apathy.”

He noted that his fiancee directed the “kissing scene” on Torchwood with Captain Jack. After each take, she kept saying, “Do it again!” and had them repeat it five times.

When asked who the better kisser was, Sarah Michelle Gellar or John Barrowman (Captain Jack of Torchwood), Marsters was coy: “I don’t know how it was to kiss John, or Sarah, because kissing for the camera isn’t at all like kissing for pleasure.”

Marsters then delighted the audience with a demonstration of his kissing technique.

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