Eliza Dushku entertains, surprises at Wizard World Tulsa 2014

Whedonverse fave Eliza Dushku held court during Wizard World’s Tulsa show on November 9, 2014. She regaled the packed room with stories from her various projects and talked about her current studies as an undergraduate at Boston University, in which classmates were unaware of her status as an actress. “My big priority right now is to get that bachelor degree. I enrolled in school when I started Buffy, and now, fifteen years later, it’s going to happen.”

At BU, her current goal is to study social work, with a particular focus on addiction and recovery. “I want to go into counseling. There’s a real need in Boston.”

She recounted how in her youth in Boston, she was a tomboy. Dushku said, “I thought I was a boy until I was 10 years old. I had short hair, wore hand-me-down clothes. Used the Fenway Park [men’s] urinals!”

When asked about her time on the post-Buffy show, Tru Calling, Dushku amused the crowd with an anecdote about Zach Galifianakis —who was “always mean to her, but in a nice way”— “Nobody knew he was funny! One time, he invited us to watch him do stand up in Vancouver and he bombed. And I threw peanuts at him.”

Surprisingly, one secret about her craft she revealed, “I have stage fright! Not here— because you guys like me, right? I don’t do well on stage performing. But it’s a character defect I want to correct.”

While in Tulsa she enjoyed the local hospitality, staying at the boutique Campbell Hotel, being entertained at a hookah bar, where she checked out the belly dancers, and even stopped at Super Target to “buy two cowboy hats on clearance. What!”

Here’s a look at the expressively lovely Ms Dushku:


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