Profiles in Fandom: Singer-Songwriter Marian Call


In a new feature series on fans inspired by the work of Joss Whedon to create art, we bring you the super-talented singer-songwriter Marian Call. We were privileged to speak with her during a stop on June 7. Check out the video interview at the bottom!

The first thing you need to know about musician Marian Call is that she’s dangerous: wicked smart (she graduated from Stanford), with a predilection for obscure literary terms and references (see her Marginalia blog); potentially magical– during a concert in Oklahoma, she promised to change the weather, shook her rain stick, and later that night the heavens poured down; and well-organized– like the Cylons, she has a plan (well, at least a business plan.)

Add to that a suspiciously ever-present Underwood typewriter named Madeleine (after L’Engle), a cross-country-trekking Subaru “Agent 99”, plus the ashes of her dead cat “Zippy” in a Jasmine tea tin— and you have all the makings of a possible super-villainess.

She even has minions, who’ve been scheduling a nation-wide recruiting mission… ahem… “tour” in which she’s hitting all 50 states in six months. And she’s been organizing it all via the Internet.

Like I said, dangerous.

Here’s what else you need to know:

She comes from a musical family, but hadn’t explored songwriting until being inspired by Joss Whedon’s Firefly particularly after hearing the commentary track for “Objects in Space”– to pen a song about River Tam, which she titled “Dark, Dark Eyes.” It burst forth from her head, like Athena out of Zeus’s skull, fully formed hours later.

Call went on to produce an entire album, Vanilla, written in an inspired frenzy, which became an unexpected hit with fans–before it was even released.

In June 2007, while her first album was coming together, she entered a music contest on a Firefly-related site, composing a song about the minor character of Saffron. Her entry, “It was Good for You Too” not only won the contest, it got her noticed by Firefly fans who started checking out her MySpace music page in droves.

And the song got the attention of fandom merchandisers Quantum Mechanix. On the strength of her self-published efforts, QMX commissioned a second album, Got to Fly, in tribute to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. It was released in limited edition in late 2008 to rave reviews.

She’s currently working on a new album, while crisscrossing the US on her “49>50 tour“- setting out from Alaska in mid-May, and currently winding through Arizona, enroute to LA. She’ll also be hitting the two major upcoming conventions, San Diego Comic-Con in late July and Atlanta’s Dragon*Con in September. Call is sure to be stopping somewhere near-by you– so check her out in person… before her sinister plans to take over the world are discovered.

Interviews with Marian Call:


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