Exclusive: Interview with Vincent Caso of ‘The Guild’

Vincent Caso Exclusive Interview

WhedonAge: Can you tell us a little about you and your acting career so far?

Vincent Caso:
I started out auditioning quite a bit, and after about a year booked a lead in a film titled “American Fork”. Last I checked, the film is seeking distribution – fingers crossed! But that and “The Guild” are my only gigs so far.

WA: How did you land the part of Bladezz? Felicia is on record as hating the whole audition process, so did you find it intimidating?
VC: I went through the standard auditioning process for the part. I was pretty used to auditions at that point, and I’ve always been ok with them. Of course, I’d love to be at the level where the producers of a given project take me to dinner to discuss my participation or something like that. Hopefully that’ll be sooner rather than later. ;)

WA: Did you ever imagine that The Guild would be so successful?
VC: It never really struck me that it could become what it has. I never really put a lot of thought into its possible success, but I sure took notice.

WA: With YouTube and Yahoo awards and panels at Blizzcon, what has been the most stand-out part of being in The Guild for you?
VC: Probably the wicked-awesome fanbase that we’ve put together over the course of the series. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of them at BlizzCon, ComiCon, etc. and they’re just really cool people. It just feels great to have all of the support.

WA: You have proved very popular with the ladies, do you get lots of fan mail?
VC: I’ve had the occasional IMDB marriage-proposal or stalker-ish message on Myspace, but for the most part it’s been pretty tame. I haven’t got a lot of mail.

WA: The lovely ‘model’ photos used in Season 1, Episode 9 ‘Owning Bladezz’, were they shot specially or do you do modeling?
VC: Heh, those were shot just for the show. Though I may get into modeling a little, one of these days…

WA: How different is the filming schedule this season compared with last season?
VC: The filming is certainly more frequent. Felicia, Kim, and the rest of the production team has really streamlined things for this season.

WA: Bladezz was the self-appointed badboy of the Guild in Season 1 so will we see a new side of him this season?
VC: You’ll just have to see! ;D

WA: In the DVD extras it seems like you all have lots of fun on the set. Do you have any favourite stories from filming?
VC: None that immediately come to mind, but every day we film is a blast.

WA: The Guild has a new website with a Community site that includes groups, forums, blogs and chat. All the cast members have spent time taking to fans on The Guild chat. Have you enjoyed the new site and what is it like for you to chat to fans in this way?
VC: I love it! It’s an awesome way to connect with fans of the show, and it’s just fun. ^^

Thanks to Vincent for doing such a great interview! You can also find Vincent on Facebook and all the cast (and many of the crew) have profiles and pages on The Guild Community Site.

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