Ben Edlund reveals lessons from Joss Whedon, Supernatural spoilers (video)

Ben Edlund, who gained fame as creator of the satirical comic The Tick, cut his television drama teeth on Joss Whedon’s series Firefly and ANGEL— the latter for which he wrote and directed the highly regarded episode “Smile Time.” Following the end of ANGEL, he went on to write for the short-lived Point Pleasant with fellow Mutant Enemy alum Marti Noxon. Edlund also had a hand in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, creating the characters of “Bad Horse” (originally for Angel) and Horrible’s henchman pal “Moist.”

Starting with its second season in 2006, Edlund has been staff writer and now executive producer for Supernatural, a series which has greatly benefited from his creativity and wit. We caught up with Ben during last week’s Comic-Con and posed the question to him: what did you learn from Joss that you’ve applied to writing for your current series?

See his answer below, along with some minor (and perhaps a major) revelation about the future of Supernatural:


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  1. My brother-in-law is a huge “The Tick” fan (comics, not the show). He was stunned to find out Ben Edlund went onto TV and was actually the Executive Producer of the show I blog about. This man has a very interesting mind, but I like it.

  2. Bad Horse was meant for “Angel”? I’d love to hear the backstory on that.

    • Somehow I forgot to include the link in the post. Here’s the scoop, from a Washington Post Q&A last year:

      Arlington, Va.: Does The Tick live near Dr. Horrible? Moist totally gives it away.

      Joss Whedon: The Tick lives IN Dr. Horrible. Ben Edlund was going to do the piece with us but had to drop out. “Bad Horse” was a character he’d pitched incessantly on “Angel” (“How could he make a radioactive device using only HOOVES?!?!?!?”) so I wanted that in, and the first thing Ben pitched for this was Moist. But he had to bail right at the beginning. Much sadness, as he’s also a great songwriter. (And has an amazing singing voice. On the serious. Get him to do an album.)

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