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Christian Kane at Wizard World Tulsa 2015

Christian Kane at Wizard World Tulsa 2015

Christian Kane gained attention of Whedon fans as evil corporate lawyer Lindsey McDonald on ANGEL, appearing from the first episode and being killed in the finale. He made his first Oklahoma convention appearance at Wizard World’s Tulsa show on October 24.

Kane grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, where he was a noted wrestler, and later football player. He still regularly returns to visit friends and family in the area.

Currently starring on TNT’s The Librarians as Jake Stone, an Oklahoma cowboy-turned-adventurer, he is also a singer-songwriter, fronting the southern-rock band aptly named “Kane” since 1998. The band played a special VIP event for Wizard World attendees later in the day.

During the Q&A, an audience member wanted to know the favorite character he’s portrayed. Kane said it was Leverage’s Eliot Spencer, because, “He’s the most like me.”

Christian said the cast of Leverage had been in touch with the show’s creator Dean Devlin, who asked if they were interested in appearing in a movie to tie up the story. The response, according to Kane was a resounding, “Yes!”

“You’d have to see the chain of replies to that message!”

Since 2013, Devlin has been working on putting together such a Leverage project.

When an audience member wanted him to remove his hat, Kane was coy: “No way, my hair’s all matted!” He briefly pulled off the cap to muss his hair, then put it back, noting that he’s trying to grow it out— just in case a possible Leverage movie does get made, he wanted to be ready. Likewise, when asked about his tattoos, which were occasionally seen on screen, he called them “personal” and felt they connected to his Native American ancestry, but wouldn’t reveal more.

Known for his physicality in performances, Christian was asked which martial arts he studied. Kane revealed that the extent of his training was in wrestling, and while he’s picked up moves for his roles along the way, “really it’s watching lots of Kung-Fu and Bruce Lee movies.”

Asked about the meaning of the various necklaces he and his characters wear, Kane said that they’re only meaningful to him, such as the one he had on and almost never removes. He can be a bit superstitious about them: “This one has to be facing the right way before I get on a plane.” Fans have given him many more, all of which he’s kept and adorn his home. “Sometimes I hang them from the rear-view mirror or doorknobs,” he says.

Before the Q&A was finished, I had the chance to ask Christian how Joss Whedon revealed that Lindsey would die in the last episode of ANGEL. Kane laughed that “Joss was always trying to kill me off!” According to him, Lindsey was actually supposed to have died five times previously, but the death was written into other characters.

When the series cancellation was announced, they were shooting a dark “dungeon” scene during season 5. Joss came to the set to tell the cast and crew there. Christian asked him how the series was going to end, and Joss gleefully replied, “I’m killing you!”

In 2009, just after the fifth anniversary of the cancelation of ANGEL, Christian was open about his feelings on his character’s demise, for a podcast by (Starting at 10:54 in the podcast)

Asked if he was “happy with the way that [his] character developed and was taken out,” Christian didn’t mince words:

This is not live, is it? F-k no; I’m not f-king happy with it. I think that was a pussy ass way for him to go out. I was killed by the gay karaoke demon. And by the way, the guy who played Lorne, Andy Hallet, such great friend of mine– and Andy was even upset. He’s a really great friend of mine and we joked about it all the time.

I think I’m upset how Lindsey went out; he should have been there for the final fight.

But at the same time, Joss was very very smart how he played it. Nobody saw that coming. America, like me, probably thought Lindsey should have been at the final fight. No matter good or bad; you need as much manpower as you can get.

But Joss was so smart to do that.

So am I mad about it? Hell yeah. Do I think it was the right move? Yeah I do; I gotta be honest with you.”

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Simon founded the Whedonverse Network in 2010, an expansion of He has been involved in fandom since launching in February 2004.
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Simon founded the Whedonverse Network in 2010, an expansion of He has been involved in fandom since launching in February 2004.

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