Report From Rhode Island Comic Con: Expansions and Fangirl Moments

They keep stepping up their game. In light of the snafu at last years Comic Con, this year they added the Dunkin Donuts Center to the Rhode Island Convention Center making the con more spacious.

For those who don’t know: the two buildings are attached. This means we were able to walk at regular Comic Con Speed. If you are unfamiliar with “Comic Con Speed”— probably because it’s not really a phrase, but it should be— think line at the DMV speed. Or like when you you’re at a red light that turns green but the car in front of you doesn’t seem to notice or care that the light is green and there’s a line of cars behind it.  And for the love of sanity, if you are in a line of people walking and something catches your interest get out of the line. If you need to text, pull over. Have you ever been in rush hour traffic in Boston during the Big Dig where one learns a zen amount of patience? Where you could swear like a sailor in your car and yell at other cars to move, but can’t do that at Comic Con because small children can hear you. But I digress.

There were plenty of reasons to want to stop and see things. Plenty of celebs to ooh and ahh over.  I was a fan girl amount of saddened that Jesse L Martin had cancelled, but Ming Na Wen, Alex Kingston, Michael Rooker, and Jim Beaver made me forget.

This is also the first year I attempted some cosplay. I went as Cosima from Orphan Black. I even used Elmer’s school glue to keep my temp dreadlocks in place. Who recognized my get up? Only the person dressed as Helena from Orphan Black. But I guess a character like Cosima would fit into a Comic Con crowd. This year even had a room for cosplayers if they needed to adjust or fix their outfits.

The floor of the convention centers were filled with the usual comic con fare. There were artists, writers, celebrities, and local businesses and traveling businesses that sell the usual t-shirts, toys and autograph prints etc.  A current staple of cons in this area is Wild Bill’s Soda. The deal is you buy an aluminum mug priced between $15-$25. and you can fill it all day with one of their sodas. I bought a mug when I went to the Walker Stalker con in Boston so now I have a set. The Blackcherry soda is amazing.

Seeing celebs and soda in a mug not your thing? You could find a date. Sci-fi Speed dating was back. I tried it two years ago and had a blast. It’s like regular speed dating, but with cosplayers. If you’re already in a committed relationship you can get married and go to one of the after parties for your reception and toast drinks called The Pac Man and 1.21 Gigawatt.

If you’re a fan of comedy then the Ron Funches performance was for you. Google Ron Funches. Really. You’ll thank me.

Rhode Island Comic Con returns in 2016, November 11-13.

These are the bullet points for the panels I attended. They were MC’d by Clare Kramer aka Glorificus.

Jason Momoa:
– Filming in Canada for a Netflix series.
– Starts filming Justice League in the Spring
– Directors chose him for Aquaman because of his look wanting to steer away from the traditional look of the character.
– Has his own production company called Pride of Gypsies in which he is currently directing ads, but will be acting in Braven.
– Tattoo on his arm after an encounter with a shark.

Ron Perlman:
– Just wrote a memoir and that he did it for future generations of actors.
– Couldn’t get acting jobs for two years after Beauty and the Beast then he met a young Guillermo Del Toro which led to a longtime friendship and 6 movies including Hellboy.
– Wants to do a Hellboy 3, but doesn’t see it happening.
– Says that he rarely speaks to Kurt Sutter. Ten minutes later gets a text from Kurt Sutter during the Q&A.
– Will find out in about a month if Hand of God will be renewed. Very proud of that project.
– Says that voice acting is very tough to get into as it is a very tight community. He has voiced several video games including Fallout and Black Ops.
– Shot Fantastic Beasts the week before last.
– In the movie City of Lost Children he spoke French with a Russian accent. People complained that he acted French terribly and didn’t pick up that he was actually acting Russian.
– States that he initially acted because he wasn’t comfortable with himself .

Maria Santos

Virgo and vegan making the world safe for democracy.
Freelance photographer.

Maria Santos

Virgo and vegan making the world safe for democracy. Freelance photographer.

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