Dark Horse’s Scott Allie talks Buffy books, possible Firefly comics

Last week, we caught up with Scott Allie, senior managing editor at Dark Horse Comics, during Comic-Con 2012. He clued us in to how far in advance the storylines for Buffy book are set; hinted at possible Firefly-connected comics in the future; and talked about how involved Joss Whedon is in plotting out issues. He also puts to rest rumors of additional Buffyverse books on the imminent horizon.

Excerpts from the interview, the full video for which can be watched below:

Scott Allie: The big Whedon stuff– the focus– is still getting season 9 wrapped up. For us, we’re closing in on the end, even though for readers, it’s really the midway point. We’re working on scripts for issues 18 and 19 of Buffy and Angel. We’re well [into] Willow and Spike [books]. Spike debuts in August and Willow debuts in October. Last night we had dinner with David Mack, one of the cover artists on Willow. He’s doing great stuff on that.

WVN: Has there been talk of additional books coming out?

SA: No, the only titles that you’ll see out of season 9 are the two ongoing, and the Willow and the Spike mini-series. We’ve talked about other possibilities. We could do more, but we really only want to do the stories that we have to tell and put in the amount of attention we can. A lot of the writers from the TV show are just so busy, we haven’t gotten as much of them, except for Andrew [Chambliss] who is extremely busy on our stuff. Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg are doing a two-parter– issues 14 and 15 are written by the two of them.

Bringing in experienced comics writers that we’re fans of, who can really get the Whedonverse is a real challenge. We want to get great comic book writers who really get this,  who can duplicate the voices and really bring it across. We’ve started previewing Spike and Victor Gischler is doing an incredible job on that. It feels so much like Spike, and that’s really rewarding, relieving, satisfying.

Future Firefly-related comics?

SA: Yeah […] I believe Joss will be saying something on the panel, if he remembers… So he’s supposed to mention it there, but it’s still a little ways off. We don’t like to do a lot of announcements too far before the books come out. To do a Firefly book right, takes a lot of advanced work. With Firefly there’s a lot to be figured out and nailed down. And Joss is so busy, we want to get as much of his time as we can in Season 9, and not suddenly burden him with a whole ‘nother series he needs to play father to.


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